Friday, December 20, 2013

The Same Angry Mob That Lynched The Dixie Chicks (w/ Misogynistic Comments & Boycott) For Exercising Their Freedom of Speech Are Those Rallying For Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson To Spit Racist & Homophobic Rants Without Consequences

There's nothing like a strong cup of other's Hypocrisy to get me all riled up to write a new blog post. Last night I was studying the statistics about the primary demographic of people who are losing their marbles over Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson getting suspended by A&E. It turns out they are the exact same mob who went off the deep end when the Dixie Chicks voiced their opposition against the war!
So let me get this straight: Women such as the Dixie Chicks, in particular lead singer Natalie Maines, cannot speak openly about the killing of innocent civilians and unjust wars overseas, but a man such as Phil Robertson with dated ideologies can not only spit the most racist and homophobic rants but he should be praised for those prejudiced beliefs, not reprimanded? ------ Now that’s one hundred flights over the cuckoo’s nest if I ever did see!

First of all, A&E suspending him has nothing to do with “freedom of speech”. This is about a network having the freedom to distance themselves from values in which they do not condone. It is also about advertisers actually being the ones who have the freedom to place their marketing dollars wherever they choose. Phil in fact has still retained his right to spit mumbo jumbo – he now just has to find a new platform to in which to do so.
There are real consequences to inciting hate and violence. One of them is losing friends.

I would very much like the people who rallied to boycott and vilify the Dixie Chicks to do some serious self-evaluation about the inconsistency of their supposed values. You can’t have it both ways. You don’t get to pick and choose.  The most vile and misogynist comments were said about the Dixie Chicks – ironically similar to the vulgar comments spewed by Robertson himself. It’s unbelievable that some people are incapable of putting a mirror up to themselves and becoming aware of their blatant and unapologetic double standards.
If I owned a company I too would kick racist and homophobic people to the curb. That negativity is soooo fifty years ago.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dec. 1 - World AIDS Day - [from Black AIDS Institute] Ashley Love's '30 Under 30' Essay for BAI's '30 Years of AIDS' Commemoration Report

Two years ago I was invited to take part of Black AIDS Institute’s (BAI) 30th Anniversary project where 30 individuals ("young black leaders, celebrities and activists") were chosen to write essays about their advocacy work to combat AIDS. Today, Dec. 1, is World AIDS Day and I am sharing my essay with you. Much work remains, including eradicating the misgendering and misclassification n of transsexual women from the “MSM” category, providing more assessable and affordable care in Africa and ensuring more preventative measures.
“As part of its special "30 years of AIDS" commemoration report, the Black AIDS Institute is profiling 30 young black leaders, celebrities and activists who have worked to make a difference in the fight against black AIDS.” (Julian Breece, Editor of ‘30 under 30’ feature)

From Black AIDS Institute’s  June 2011 Issue and 30th Anniversary Edition:

[photo for Black AIDS Institute]
  Due to a lack of human rights protections from the government and understanding from families and society, many Americans born transsexual and/or intersex, or that have a transgender identity, find themselves in very vulnerable and dangerous situations.  Because of this alienation some people in these communities engage in unsafe behavior as a way to cope and survive, making them vulnerable to infection with HIV.

  I have lost two people close to me because of this disease.  One of them was a woman who was born with a transsexual medical condition.  She wanted love so much that she trusted the wrong man and, instead of protecting herself, took a risk that proved fatal.  

  A lot of work needs to be done to educate society about transsexual, transgender and intersex issues. The unhealthy stigma and dehumanization of these communities is what leads to situations where they contract the disease. Low self-esteem caused by people’s prejudice against human diversity is what causes many in these communities to fail to safeguard their health.

  If any of my sisters are reading this, know that your life is a beautiful gem.  Cherish yourself and your temple.  We all want love, but we have to love ourselves first and foremost if we are to receive authentic love from someone else.  Regardless of the misguided fear and toxic hate in the world directed at people who are born different, don’t believe the lies that say you are unworthy.
  You are a child of God just the way you are.  Treat yourself kindly, because you deserve it.

Ashley Love is the founder of Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexual & Transgender People and a popular contributor to the Huffington Post.

Originally published in June 2011 by Black AIDS Institute


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BREAKING: On The Eve of The Annual Trans Day of Remembrance Islan's Nettles Confessed Murderer, Paris Wilson, Has Charges Against Him Dropped.

The tragedy continues against Islan Nettles, the young woman of trans experience from Harlem who was recently murdered in cold blood. This beautiful woman had such a promising future which was robbed from her from a insecure and hateful little man who is could very well get away with this murder due to a technicality.

All this on the eve of the Trans Day of Remembrance, as if God is trying to shine a light on the terrorism that plagues our sisters for all to see. Poetic Injustice.

The case is still open. This outrage on top of my saddened state due to TDOR is a lot to deal with. Why is this happening? When will justice rain down from the mighty heavens?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Governor Quinn of Illinois and Illinois’ Leading LGB“t” Organizations Decide To Sign Illinois Marriage Equality Bill Not on the 19th or 21st, but on November 20th - The Trans Day of Remembrance. Really? How Amazingly Symbolic...

Governor Quinn of Illinois, the Governor's LGBT Liaison and the leading LGB Illinois organizations have decided to sign the Illinois Marriage Equality Bill into law not on November 19th, not on November 21st, but on November 20th - The Trans Day of Remembrance.

Um, ok.

How amazingly symbolic....

After the rainbow wedding cake and champagne party perhaps attention may actually go towards the epidemic of transsexual and transgender women of color being terrorized and slaughtered in Chicago, New York, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., California, Brazil and all around the world?

Monday, November 11, 2013

VIDEO: Poet Sy Stokes, Alongside Fellow Black UCLA Students, Delivers Empowering Spoken Word Video Drawing Attention To UCLA's Overwhelming Lack of Diversity; Sign Petition Now!

Sy Stokes and fellow Black Bruins outside the Campbell Hall, where in 1969 two UCLA students Black Panther members were assassinated.

Sy Stokes, an UCLA Black student, and cousin of the late Arthur Ashe, delivers an empowering spoken word piece alongside fellow Black Bruins blasting the racist and classist policies of UCLA, it's fraudulent claims of "diversity", the pitfalls of California abandoning affirmative action and points out that Blacks are only wanted there to play sports.

Sign the petition to demand more diversity at UCLA:

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Trans Day of Remembrance Is Alarmingly Becoming More Co-opted and Misrepresented. What Are Transsexual and Transgender Americans Going To Do About This?

There’s an alarming and increasingly growing pattern of the International Trans Day of Remembrance ceremony being co-opted, disrespectfully misrepresented and shamelessly misused as a fundraising tool. The last few years have reached a boiling point here in the U.S. as numerous noted transsexual and transgender advocates, including the founder of TdoR herself, Gwendolyn Ann Smith, have openly voiced their disdain for this appropriation, while national LGB non-profits have become less subtle in their consuming of this most sacred day to our Trans* coalition.

Those concerned have publically cited components of classism, whitewashing, racism, sexism, ill-willed politics, financial greed and blatant transphobia all contributing to the rising misappropriation of TDoR.

Some have further criticized those within our own coalition as distorting the annual event such as insensitivity towards transsexual women and trans-feminine victims by trans-masculine folks, privileged portions devaluing women of color’s lives, who are the largest demographic of those slain and trans non-profits collecting money on their websites in the name of our dead.

Lastly, some local and national artists, community centers and political non-profits have inappropriately associated TDoR with alcohol and parties. Our dead’s graves are not a dance floor nor are they an opportunity to raise money for gay and lesbian marriage.

For  the memory of our fallen and for the integrity of this annual vigil our Trans* coalition must put our differences aside and come together to preserve the authenticity of TDoR and not allow Non-Profit, Inc. to absorb, taint and dilute this important day.

We want to hear from those in the different transsexual, transgender, gender non-conforming and/or intersex communities (and allies) about what your experience with TDoR has been concerning the issue raised above or others. Please sound off in the comment section, or if you would like to email me privately

Friday, October 25, 2013

Transsexual Woman is Victim of Russian President Putin’s Propaganda Law: 22 Year-Old Dasha Shtern Commits Suicide After Being Fired, Disowned by Family, Thrown Out of Home, Abandoned by Society & Dehumanized by Government Following New Pro-Hate Decree

22 year-old Dasha Shtern (pictured) took her life after Russia's pro-hate law took everything from her

A successful 22 year-old young woman Dasha Shtern had a promising future. She had a great job working for a central Russian municipality, had just been approved for a mortgage and car loan. She has an accepting family.
And then everything began to change. President Vladmir Putin decreed an “anti-propaganda” law which persecutes those perceived to LGBT or different.

Since this hatred inciting law passed Dasha’s life  went from hopefulness and security to destitution and desperation

Her once accepting family disowned her following law
They then threw her out of her home

She was also fired from her job because her supervisors feared they may be in violation of Putin’s ‘anti-be-yourself-law’

Since she was then unemployed she was unable to pay home mortgage and car loan

With a bigoted government that had provoked all she held dear to vanish such as her family and career, as well as the means to have a roof over her head, this woman fell into a state of hopelessness that too many of my sisters know too often. Tragically, Dasha felt the only way out was suicide.
On October 19th,the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization, Russian activists remembered Dasha  in Moscow’s Red Square


The action was held on Red Square in Moscow 19 October 2013: the activists gathered on the square in memory of transgender girl Dasha Shtern, who had committed suicide in Ekaterinburg, The organizers said, that originally the event was planned outside the building of the Plenipotentiary representative of the Sverdlovsk region in Moscow, but the character and scale of the tragedy led them to the walls of the Kremlin. The activists lit the candles and laid the flowers to the portrait of Dasha Stern near Kremlin.
As top-lawyer and human rights defender Masha Bast said, Dasha Stern is the first victim of Vladimir Putin’s “Anti-gay Law”: as Dasha Shtern’s friends reported, she lost work as a municipal employee after signing of the law, she lost the opportunity to repay the hypothecation, the relatives abandoned her.

As Masha Bast stressed, Vladimir Putin had created the system where there is no place for transgender, there is no place for dissidents. Masha Bast considers, that Dasha Shtern is the victim of the indifference of the Russian society.

MORE INFORMATION on Russia’s growing tide of transphobia, homophobia, bigotry and hate:’s Sunnivie Brydym reported this week:
“This summer, Russian president Putin signed into law a pair of draconian anti-LGBT laws — the so-called gay propaganda ban and another law that forbids openly gay people from adopting Russian children, while also forbidding single people from nations with marriage equality from adopting one of Russia's estimated 600,000 parentless kids.

The Russian parliament is also set to consider a bill that would remove children from their gay and lesbian parents, claiming that homosexuality is tantamount to child abuse, alcoholism, and drug use. The conservative deputy who proposed that law has withdrawn it for the moment but promised he will reintroduce the legislation after some revisions to the bill's language.”


Richard Vieira wrote on
"The International Olympic Committee scheduled the 2014 Olympic Games in the Russian city of Sochi, yet there is much controversy surrounding these events after the emergence of [anti-LGBT laws]…Such fanatical actions require external pressure, and there are many actors involved in this international drama. Aside from the host country, the IOC and participating countries all possess political leverage in regards to the Olympic Games. Perhaps the IOC can persuade Russian lawmakers to retract their homophobic laws in order to foster a fair, competitive and equal environment? …Because the Russian legislature seems incapable of producing thoughts that conflict with its sinister KGB shepherd, the responsibility rests on individual nations. The United States should set an example and boycott the 2014 Olympics and encourage other countries and the IOC to put a moratorium on all Olympic sporting events scheduled in Russia…For instance, the 1936 Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany, which was then under Nazi leadership. Hitler, who wanted to persuade the international community that Germany was an ideal host — sounds familiar — lightened the anti-Semitic rhetoric and had any anti-Semitic propaganda hidden, according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website. According to the same source, many Jews were banned from sporting clubs and many Roma were rounded up and arrested in preparation for the games. The sporting events were, at the time, widely viewed as a success for the Nazi propaganda machine. Likewise, American participation in the Russian Olympics would only heighten Russia’s publicity and give an unofficial stamp of approval to its policies. The same can be said of large American multinational corporations — such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s — who will, in essence, be sponsoring an anti-LGBT environment. If the Obama administration wants to take on an idealistic world view and project liberal democratic principles onto others, then it must lead by example and not send Americans into a hostile environment in exchange for gold medals."

WE MUST BOYCOTT All Russian Products, including Russian vodka(which includes Stoli)

Actor Harvey Fierstein explains why we must place financial pressure on Russia:

“There’s only one way to change somebody like Putin and that’s in the pocketbook. You can’t get him with angry words. He feeds on that and his followers feed on that. You make the West angry, they’re thrilled. You can’t get them that way. You can’t get them through a U.N. sanction: ‘Oh boy, the U.S. is mad at me. I’m shaking all the f–k over.’ There’s only one way and that’s in the pocketbook. You hurt them in the pocketbook, they shut the f–k up and back the f–k down. … [A]ny country that puts money into Russia, and that’s what doing the Olympics is, [is guilty].” (Fierstein told The Hollywood Reporter)

“Mr. Putin’s campaign…is one of distraction, a strategy of demonizing a minority for political gain taken straight from the Nazi playbook. Can we allow this war against human rights to go unanswered? …In May a young gay man was murdered…beaten, his body violated with beer bottles, his clothing set on fire, his head crushed with a rock. This is most likely just the beginning. In 1936 the world attended the Olympics in Germany. Few participants said a word about Hitler’s campaign against the Jews. Supporters of that decision point proudly to the triumph of Jesse Owens, while I point with dread to the Holocaust and world war. There is a price for tolerating intolerance.” (Fierstein told New York Times)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Disgruntled Former 'Gay Liberation Front' Members Defame The Stonewall Inn Rebellion's Legacy In An Attempt To Seize Proposed Stonewall Plaque For The GLF Brotherhood. It's 2013, NOT 1970 - 1990: Trans-Erasure, Sexism, Classism & Whitewashing History is Unacceptable

Veteran journalist Andy Humm of Gay City News has recently reported that a few gay white men who refer to themselves as "Stonewall Veterans" (though they weren't actually inside the Inn when the riots erupted like Sylvia Rivera, Miss Major and other trans* people and POC were) are heavily campaigning against The Stonewall Inn receiving an honorary plaque - but for the notoriously transphobic, sexist and anti-lesbian group called 'Gay Liberation Front' (GLF) to receive the proposed plaque instead. Unbelievable!

A - GLF gutted protections for trans* people from a proposed 1971 New York LGBT rights anti-discrimination bill, saying it was "too extreme".

B - GLF kicked Sylvia Rivera and other trans people out of the group

C - "In the heyday of the Gay Liberation Front, in the early 70s, the majority of lesbians walked out in protest at the sexism of some of the gay men who took a pivotal role." - The Guardian

D - GLF member Jim Fouratt in 2000 referred to women born with transsexualism as "misguided gay men who'd undergone surgical mutilations" - (reported by Lynn Conway in 2006)

E - Recently these former GLF members have been quoted in Gay City News as hurling degrading adjectives at The Stonewall Inn such as “dirty, seedy” and “horrendous” (Um, sorry boys that many trans women of color in those days couldn’t afford to hang out in luxury piano bars such as most of the GLF gay sorority brothers could – but just because they were impoverished and found support and community in a small dive bar not to your liking doesn't mean these trans people were not extremely rich in spirit – a spirit so rich in fact that it launched a revolution! A revolution that many of these assimilationists profited from, and then discarded us when we no longer suited their self-serving, classist and transphobic agenda)

To many people the current bizarre behavior of these self-proclaimed “Stonewall veterans” (who are in my opinion just disgruntled former GLF members) who are now all of a sudden trying to defame the Stonewall Inn Riot’s legacy and block the plaque honoring our history and instead have GLF receive the recognition is a sinister (yet transparent to the third eye) attempt to disempower the transsexual and transgender communities and glorify the non-deserving Gay Liberation Front. It's about their egos. It's about whitewashing history. It's about trans-erasure. It's about not discussing why so many lesbians felt compelled to abandon GLF due to the sexism of its male leaders (and let's not forget the double standards and transphobia of many of those same lesbians who hypocritically called out GLF’s classism, yet who turned around and denigrated us even more so). It's about trying to do damage control concerning GLF's tarnished legacy. It's attempted history revisionism which speaks to an ongoing cycle of oppression that has lasted decades.

I wish Gay City News would publish more balanced articles on this Stonewall plaque issue. They only interview gay white men. What about women, whether they be transsexual or not? What about transgender people? What about cisgender lesbians? What about people of color?

What about diversity? Accuracy? Inclusion? Real feminism?

What is really going on here? We cannot allow this crafty campaign to cancel the proposed Stonewall plaque succeed. Get involved. Please join Stonewalling Accurate & Inclusive Depictions - S.A.I.D.. on our Facebook Page. We've lost too many of our sisters due the oppression which provoked those riots. Let's keep their memory alive and commemorate the Revolution of 1969. 

"We S.A.I.D. enough is enough!"
For more information of the proposed Stonewall plaque controversy go to S.A.I.D.'s website:

From S.A.I.D.'s Website:
Sexual Orientation (gay) is not the same thing as a transgender gender identity or a transsexual medical condition. Words really do matter.

S.A.I.D. organizer Miss Major, currently the Executive Director of T.G.I Justice Project and a Stonewall veteran who was actually inside the Inn when the riots started, has deep concerns about the proposed plaque’s wording and the overall misrepresentation of Stonewall’s legacy.  She states,
“We started S.A.I.D.’s campaign to honor all those at the Stonewall Inn the night the riots erupted and, though you wouldn’t know it by viewing the inaccurate ‘Stonewall Uprising’ film or a string of other (mis)depictions, that most definitely and primarily included trans women and people of color.

The whitewashing of this history is an abuse of power which we will no longer tolerate.

The plaque should not use “gay” as an umbrella term as it marginalizes and erases the many trans people there. I’m not gay. Many transsexual and transgender people are also not gay.

 History revisionism and trans-erasure have no place in this memorial. Let’s truly honor all the people who stood up for their human rights and yours by writing language on the p laque that’s honest.”

S.A.I.D. organizer Ashley Love, a journalist and transsexual & intersex advocate who volunteers with the anti-defamation group Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexual & Transgender People (MAGNET), finds the plaque’s inaccurate draft speaks to larger issues, writing;
“It’s well documented that Sylvia Rivera, a Puerto Rican woman of trans experience, “threw the first heel” that started the riot, with Marsha P. Johnson, Miss Major and many other trans* people and people of color also kicking things off. Then after the affluent white gay male political establishment was done using Rivera to fundraise she was quickly discarded. I’m sure the fact that she rightfully called out classism and transphobia also led to her being blacklisted.
If this commemoration is to have any integrity then the pattern of certain privileged communities within the LGBTTIQQ coalition making Stonewall's legacy all about them must be challenged. It’s not just about “gay” people as the proposed text repeatedly misrepresents, it’s also about transsexual and transgender people. Let’s pay a genuine homage to the people who sacrificed so much for all of us by using more affirming text on the plaque.”

Stonewalling Accurate & Inclusive Depictions, or S.A.I.D., is an educational project drawing attention to the ongoing pattern of trans-erasure, whitewashing, misgendering and problematic messaging spread in numerous media portrayals, political establishments and educational institutions regarding the history and multi-movement building surrounding The Stonewall Riots of 1969. This campaign aims to encourage filmmakers, historians, educators, students, journalists and activists to responsibly affirm the colorful diversity which ignited the global revolution which the Stonewall Rebellion inspired. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

'Out with the Old, In with the New, Out with the Mold, In with the True'


Out with the Old
In with the New
Out with the Mold
In with the True
Won’t do as we’re Told
We’ll do as *WE* Do
It’s time to Unfold
Progress Is Due
Our souls aren’t Sold
Lies should be Sued
You have been Told
We’re in with the New
Reject Club’ de Old
Heal butterfly Blues
Our wings Unfold
Release our Rue
We fly out Bold
Out with your Old
In with our New
Clean out their Mold
Stand for what’s True


Today I come out as a free thinker and fact finder, not a follower of the mob or an apologist for those who misgender, misrepresent and mock my sisters and myself. Today we come out as pro-independence and self-determined advocates and no longer as property of those who deny my sister's and I's valid medical condition. Today we come out as speakers of truth and not as retained cheerleaders for hogwash. Today I am outing your disservice to our community and we vow to put transsexual and intersex needs on equal par with other movements instead on under the bus where Gay, Inc. and it's "Transgender Umbrella" Subsidiary have worked so hard to keep us. Today we say we are not a “sub-community”, but our own community. We come out as those who refuse to be systematically misgendered by your bogus media (mis)guides and othered by LGB and non-trans* straight people in the media and in miseducation pamphlets. Today we take OUT the trash and take IN authenticity and affirmation.
Out with the Old. In the New. Out with the Mold, In with the True


Friday, August 23, 2013

AUDIO: MAGNET's Ashley Love and Transgender Law Center's Cecilia Chung Interviewed About Chelsea Manning On The Larry Elder Show

Cecilia Chung and I spoke to Larry Elder about Chelsea Manning recently opening up about her transsexualism and need to receive medical and hormonal therapy, as well as to be placed in a women's prison

Audio link:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Her Life Had Value and She Will Not Be Forgotten

Just last month alone THREE black women of trans* experience were murdered. Did the self-described “LGBT” non-profits, city officials and politicians hold a massive rally, close off streets or express as loud an outrage as they are today for Marc Carson? The answer is no, they did not, yet when a gay male is killed we see an entirely different reaction. 

By pointing out this inconsistency I hope I'm not being insensitive to Marc’s story, because what happened to him is a tragedy. But since most “LGBT journalists” pick and choose what stories to run or priorities to push, even to the point of censorship and distortion of facts, the pattern of devaluing the lives of women of color in the transsexual and transgender communities must be exposed.
The three women murdered in April were:
 Ce Ce Acoff (20 years old),
 Kelly Young (29 years old) and
 Ashley Sinclair (30 years old).
 Their lives mattered.
Over the years I have lost many female friends due to male violence or oppression related causes who were all born with the medical condition transsexualism. When a crisis amongst a minority group includes women being victims of extreme violence and discrimination it is usually referred to as terrorism, but as usual a double standard is applied when it’s the trans* communities who are targeted and it’s just business as usual.
Every month women of color in my community are murdered but the establishment fails to properly act. Instead we are misgendered and segregated to such a stigmatizing degree that it actually promotes dehumanization and violence towards the most vulnerable women in our communities. Black and Latina women who suffer from poverty and employment discrimination, who are denied affirming healthcare and/or who many times lack support from family, education and government institutions and by society as a whole are the majority of names read during the annual Trans Day of Remembrance ceremony. 
Not a day goes by that I don’t think of the young women I personally knew who were taken too soon, some who were like sisters to me. The pain still lingers and the urgency to save lives in our communities grows increasingly stronger. Sending warmth and hugs to all the families who lost a daughter or sister this year due to transphobia and male violence.
Her life had value and she will not be forgotten.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

More on HRC Removing Trans Flag in D.C. Rally: Equality Really Does Mean.. Equality, Not "Some Are Created More Equal Than Others" Hogwash

Equality means equality, not "some are created more equal than others" hogwash. HRC's undemocratic behavior in demanding the removal of the trans* coalition's flag at the U.S. Capital speaks to the gay and lesbian (not transsexual) political establishment’s ongoing marginalization and censoring of transsexual and transgender issues. 

The medical condition known as transsexualism isn’t some political bargaining chip that gay and gender queer activists can misrepresent to cater to their own, sometimes conflicting agendas.

We’re tired of being held hostage on the back of Gay, Inc.’s “equality” bus because the destination these corporate board members and their hired whips drive us to time and time again is a “third gender” reservation that is anything but equal for Americans born with transsexualism and/or intersex, and more like misgendering, segregation and a violation of our patient rights. HRC is not our master, no matter how much they act like it, and we do not need their or anyone in the LGB community’s permission to self-determine our own lives.

They can try to shred our flag into submission, but will fail. The flag has broken free and is flying the winds of affirmation and authenticity, where only genuine equality is invited

One literally can’t spell the word 'Equality' without the letters ‘T’ (for Transsexualism) and ‘I’ (for Intersex).

Got REAL equality?

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Human Rights Campaign Dictates Removal of Trans* Coalition Flag, Yet Who The Hell Made Them Our Masters? She Will Fly Without Permission, Man.

How dare the HRC ask the trans* coalition to remove their flag from the Capital! The diverse trans* communities are not property of one issue/one class pushing LGB board members or their staff. We don't need permission to make the point that trans* issues are different than LGB issues and that we are tired of being the last priority, if even a priority at all.
Transsexualism’s distinct narrative is that of a medical condition requiring affirming and sometimes lifesaving healthcare, and is not to be confused with some drag race. The 'Transsexual Spring' will not allow a damn to be constructed in their waters through the disingenuous interests of colonialists. Though, the sad thing is that a certain retained group of token trans toms will aid and abet in this treachery.  
The good news is that truth always wins out, fake media and misinformation campaigns be damned!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Notorious Transphobe/Bi-Phobe/Sexist/Hypocrite Dan Savage Misuses His Media Contacts To Promote Lie That He Speaks For Women Born With Transsexualism

Dan Savage does not speak for women born with transsexualism, just ask any one of them.

So I read today that he recently prevented his gay male drag queen friends of being banned from mocking women on stage, so it's a victory for his brothers. But for him to use this as a spring board to refer to himself as a trans* "ally" is inaccurate and sinister.

He has produced numerous media bombs in the past which unraveled a lot of hard work that went into enrolling public education and understanding of the medical condition known as transsexualism. He promotes misgendering ideologies that conflate our birth challenge with random "hobbies" and sensational stage performance acts, therefore propagating misrepresentation that jeopardizes our life saving medical treatment. He has used anti-trans* slurs and demeaned our humanity, when all we have been asking for is affirmation, recognition and acceptance. 

What gives?

And don't reply by man-ufactoringing a photo with some transparent "transgender" opportunist/apologist who mocks our movement for her own gain. That's not authentic and is weak.

The media once again allows unfair and inaccurate messaging and accounting of facts when they mislead the public by quoting Dan Savage saying he is the founder of an anti-bullying movement which “helps” trans* people. He is most definitely the opposite of help.
(Please Google "Dan Savage glitter bombed transphobia" and a millions things will come up, thank you)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day: Women Born With Transsexualism &/or Intersex Reject Misgendering Ideologies & Promote Only Affirming & Accurate Messaging.

Happy International Women's Day! A lot of great work is happening to ensure women born with transsexualism and/or intersex are recognized and affirmed as WOMEN, and not sub-women, “third genders” or female impersonators, which is contrary in how the national LGBT and transgender-queer groups are misgendering and othering us. We denounce the pro-gender-segregation ideologies and transsexual-phobia that is misrepresenting and harming us. We won't stop advocating for our women’s rights until our medical needs and accurate narratives are protected! Why?:
Because a Rose Is Still A Rose [Not a sub-rose, not a modified rose, not a rose impersonator, not a 2nd class rose, not only a rose on the weekends, not a rose mocker, not acting on some rose fetish, not a plastic rose, not simply "expressing" a few rose characteristics, not condescendingly "identifying" as a rose -- but from the seed, rooted as and blossomed into its natural destiny: A ROSE - inside, and out, from it's origin, always and forever, a rose, period. Please, PLEASE keep your weeds, fake chemicals and pollutants out of the garden, or don't act clueless or attack when the rose uses her protective thorns to sheild herself from entities or non-roses who would do her harm, thank you]See More

Monday, January 14, 2013

Can't Folks Let Jodie Foster Be? I Liked Her Golden Globe Speech. Her Acting Roles Portray Brave and Strong Women, Like Herself

Correction to the media: Jodie Foster was never "in the closet". All her friends, family, co-workers and many in her industry knew and accepted her. Yet she did not owe the public private details. She is a mother, friend, artist and feminist - can't we be happy for that?

It's upsetting to see people lash out at her due to her speech last night where she rightfully slammed reality TV and people's entitlement issues concerning private issues of high profile individuals. She has the right to choose her own timing. She is an artist, not a public court jester whose strings you can pull. Jodie has done more for promoting strong and unique female characters than most actresses I can think of. I love what Jodie Foster stands for and it’s disappointing to hear some LGB identified folks attacking her just because she has never let her orientation define her and she has never conformed to the newer 'Honey Boo Boo' reality warped world we find ourselves in.

She is a class act and it's none of your business who she gets physical with. Get over yourself; she didn't grow up in the world of Glee. Jodie, The Brave One for real, was Modern Family before it was safe to do so. 

Just because she doesn't wear a rainbow themed dress on every red carpet she graces does not mean she is not still proud or speaking her own truth in HER OWN AUTHENTIC WAY. Jodi‘s image is that of authenticity; it's the world which could be losing some of its authenticity. Let her be.