Saturday, October 12, 2013

'Out with the Old, In with the New, Out with the Mold, In with the True'


Out with the Old
In with the New
Out with the Mold
In with the True
Won’t do as we’re Told
We’ll do as *WE* Do
It’s time to Unfold
Progress Is Due
Our souls aren’t Sold
Lies should be Sued
You have been Told
We’re in with the New
Reject Club’ de Old
Heal butterfly Blues
Our wings Unfold
Release our Rue
We fly out Bold
Out with your Old
In with our New
Clean out their Mold
Stand for what’s True


Today I come out as a free thinker and fact finder, not a follower of the mob or an apologist for those who misgender, misrepresent and mock my sisters and myself. Today we come out as pro-independence and self-determined advocates and no longer as property of those who deny my sister's and I's valid medical condition. Today we come out as speakers of truth and not as retained cheerleaders for hogwash. Today I am outing your disservice to our community and we vow to put transsexual and intersex needs on equal par with other movements instead on under the bus where Gay, Inc. and it's "Transgender Umbrella" Subsidiary have worked so hard to keep us. Today we say we are not a “sub-community”, but our own community. We come out as those who refuse to be systematically misgendered by your bogus media (mis)guides and othered by LGB and non-trans* straight people in the media and in miseducation pamphlets. Today we take OUT the trash and take IN authenticity and affirmation.
Out with the Old. In the New. Out with the Mold, In with the True


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  1. Wow. Beautiful thoughts. Beyond sentiments, I think then essence of the write up was well captured. As a humanist, I'm touched...we all, no matter the gender or creed deserve the chance to freely express our difference without then shakles.