Saturday, April 28, 2012

GLAAD's BAAD Misrepresentation of Transsexualism Makes Us SAAD & MAAD! Our Condition Is From Birth, Not A FAAD!

GLAAD's BAAD Misrepresentation of Transsexualism Makes Us SAAD & MAAD! Our Condition Is From Birth, Not A FAAD! by Ashley Love

GLAAD, please stop misgendeing, othering and invalidating women with transsexualism

There’s a problematic media guide about transsexualism concocted by GLAAD

But their guide misrepresents, misgenders and mocks us, all which is BAAD

We were actually born with this medical condition; it’s not a hobby or FAAD

How they imply it’s a choice, hobby, fetish or lifestyle makes us so MAAD!

We want to be understood, but GLAAD’s mega-miseducation makes us so SAAD

It stems from transsexual-phobia, misogyny & sexism from patriarchal DAAD

I’ve always known I was a woman, but gender queer ideology says I’m a LAAD

They teach Trans 101-Negative, but they should cater to authentic GRAADS

Ending this colonialism & affirming who we truly are would totally be RAAD!

Change from GLAAD’S Graddick, NGLTF’s Carey, NCTE’s Keisling or HRC’s CHAAD?

Time will tell. Until then we call out Gay Inc., it’s TG Umbrella Subsidiary & GLAAD!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

'Hunger Games' Star, Josh Hutcherson, Supports Transsexual Education Rally In Defying GLAAD's Erasure Of Saying The Word 'Transsexual'

GLAAD's 2012 Media Awards winner, Josh Hutcherson , star of 'The Hunger Games', joins MAGNET supporters and defies GLAAD's rule "only say transgender, never say transsexual" at GLAAD's very own awards in which he was being honored!

“My mom has always been a big advocate, especially in the gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual community, so for me it’s always been a part of my soul,” Josh Hutcherson told Eonline.

This is very telling of the recent trend of the younger generations being more aware of stories and images of people born with the medical condition transsexualism who transition just to live their lives as the women and men they know they are. Therefore, the result is less transsexual-phobia with these younger generations. They don't see us as "third gender, cross dressers, drag queens" or any other "transgender" expression or lifestyle. They see us as just women and men. In short, they understand and support the transsexual narrative, not this othering and misgendering "one size fits all" transgender ideology.

We are thrilled that GLAAD has not entirely succeeded in censoring out the word transsexual from society, especially outside and inside their very own GLAAD Awards.

We are not "transgender". Our condition is not a lifestyle, drag show or fetish. We were born with chromosomal and anatomy diversity, and our affirming doctors aide us in aligning our bodies with our mind. We are born with transsexualism, and some of us are intersex as well. It's  time GLAAD stopped brushing us into some "transgender" reservation. We will not be colonized into a gender deconstructionism agenda against our will. That's a violation of our patient rights, as well as constitutional rights. We are women and men, and will not be segregated from other women and men into some third gender narrative just because of our birth challenge.  Segregation is illegal. All we ask is that GLAAD represent us accurately.

Congrats Josh, thanks for supporting the cause!
For information on MAGNET's education rally which was held at The GLAAD Awards this Saturday evening: 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Am A Woman. Period.

I am a woman.
not a sub-woman.
not a third gender.
not transgender umbrella propaganda.
I am a woman.
from the begining.
not a hobby, not a lifestyle,
not a choice.
I am a woman.
not just on the weekends,
not for drag work,
not for Halloween.
I am a woman.
in my mind, heart and soul.
not just in clothes.
not just on the outside.
not for kicks.
I am woman.
I am a rose.
I am light.
I am she.
I am all woman

 Yes, Aretha, a rose is still a rose, not a sub-rose, "identifying" as a rose, a weekend rose, rose impersonator, but just a rose, period.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EEOC's Ruling Is A Major Step Forward In Protecting & Affirming Americans Born With The Transsexual Medical Condition

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) ruling on April 20th clearly states that discriminating against someone who was born in the wrong body and transitions sex is considered sex discrimination as per Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Many people with transsexualism and allies have known this for decades, but some in the gender queer contingent have tried to get “transgender umbrella” rights covered under sexual orientation or “gender expression” categories, which is inaccurate and misgendering when it comes to people with transsexualism.

Though this is just an opinion ruling, it could have major impact on men and women being recognized legally as men and women under the federal law, and not as a third gender status that so many gender deconstructionism and transgenderism theory activists would seek to enroll non-consenting transsexuals into.

Many in the transgender political world weren’t too happy last December when U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit refused to edit out the word “transsexualfrom their ruling in favor of only transgender ideology, which enforces the erasure of transsexualism from education.

The 11th Circuit wrote, ''We conclude that a government agent violates the Equal Protection Clause's prohibition of sex-based discrimination when he or she fires a transgender or transsexual employee because of his or her gender non-conformity.''

Many transsexual advocates, doctors, lawyers and even scientists had contacted the U.S. Court of Appeals educating why it would be problematic and sexist to censor out the word transsexual just because national and state LGBT and Transgender groups misinform that it’s acceptable. It’s actually unacceptable. We are happy the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit agreed with us.

Moving forward, it will be important for there to be accurate and affirming education in place that clearly states that this law will not give transvestites or cross dressers the right to co-opt the meaning of this law. Men will not be able to use the women’s restrooms just because they are a transvestite and have a wig on. Now is the time to highlight and refute the crazy-making and dishonest groupings of women and men with transsexualism with people that are just dressing up for entertainment, fetishes or who seek to take advantage or appropriate the legal and medical rights of people with transsexualism.

Now more than ever we have to step forward and repeal laws that could misgender and marginalize us due to the social engineered and  anti-transsexual narrative campaign that many gender deconstructionism activits are pushing.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Educating From Within And Outside The GLAAD Awards

MAGNET had a productive educational outreach this weekend outside & inside the GLAAD Awards. A longtime trans advocate came by where I was outreaching and offered me her extra ticket and the opportunity to educate inside the event. Since the layout of the event prohibited us from being able to pass out as many flyers as we needed, a couple volunteers remained outside and a couple of us went inside and passed out our information flyers and had conversations with organizations and media professionals who directly propagate the erasure of the transsexual medical condition narrative in favor of only transgender umbrella-ism ideology. We even talked to GLAAD staff, many of whom seemed to understand the need for reform. I was very optimistic at the end of the evening because there was a lot of commitment from attendees to examine the particular and different realities and needs of people born with transsexualism that get compromised in gender decontructionism socio-politics. I hope the incoming director of GLAAD realizes that it's time to evolve the conversation. We are women and men, not pretending or identifying as one for a hobby, a drag stage act or fetish. We’re not down with being othered into a third gender, sub-woman or sub-man narrative. Let's all be respectful of each other.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Transsexual Advocates To Hold Education Rally Outside GLAAD Awards To Counter GLAAD Appropriating Transsexulism

Time to take out the transsexual-phobic miseducation, and renistill the accurate and affirming truth

MAGNET- Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexual & Transgender People- is holding an education rally on April 21st outside GLAAD’s Los Angeles Media Awards to draw attention to GLAAD’s ongoing campaign to blur the lines between transsexualism, gender deconstructionism, lifestyle choices and transvestite fetishism as well as GLAAD’s unethical refusal to address the national dissent of the transsexual community that is being co-opted into GLAAD’stransgender umbrella ideology” agenda against their will.

Date/Time: Saturday, April 21st. 4:30pm to 7:30pm
Address: The Westin Bonaventure Hotel- 404 South Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90071 (outside entrance)
Contact: Email Ashley Love, MAGNET organizer-

Ashley Love, an organizer with MAGNET, explains, “Though GLAAD does some good work, primarily for gays and those who support transgender socio-politics, we hold this education rally to inform attendees that the medical condition transsexualism is actually not about third gender politics or homosexuality. Our legitimate birth challenge stems from being born with chromosomal and/or anatomy diversity, and is treated by affirming doctors who aide us is ensuring our body is aligned with our mind. GLAAD has concocted and is militantly pushing an opinion based framework that unravels public understanding, promotes transsexual-phobia and even impedes and erodes our legislative advancements and medical rights. We ask involved parties to take a deeper look at GLAAD’s social engineering that seeks to erase transsexualism from classrooms and public discourse in favor of their gay and gender deconstructionism only politics, and examine the science, data and literature that supports our transsexual medical condition’s accurate narrative. Be aware of the unrest and resistance in the transsexual community against this blatant revisionism and co-opting of our lives by non-transsexual entities that has lasted almost twenty years. This colonialism of transsexualism by gay and transgender ideology groups is irresponsible, psychologically abusive, sexist, and detrimental to the mental and physical health of people born with transsexualism. We’ve had enough."

Dr. Mary Donata, MD, who attended the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference with her teenage daughter last year, wants people to respect her daughter’s reality. She writes:

"I’m a family doctor and the mother of a 17 year old daughter who has a transsexual medical history. It’s imperative that GLAAD understands that my daughter, and other girls and women with similar medical histories, shouldn’t be inaccurately categorized with others not at all like her under the umbrella term "transgender". PLEASE UNDERSTAND: My daughter is a young woman, not impersonating one as a hobby or lifestyle. She’s not gender queer, a cross dresser, a transvestite, a fetishist, or a drag queen. It’s time to reform GLAAD’s problematic media guide concerning transsexualism"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Now That Trayvon Martin's Murderer Is Jailed, We Should Still Keep Up This Momentum And Demand Justice For ALL People of Color In the U.S.!

with little pal Harmony following the March 26th "Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin" in downtown Los Angeles

The Washington Post published this photo of me and other activists on Tuesday from the April 9th march in downtown L.A. which demanded Zimmerman's arrest, which happened the next day

The good people’s prayers and demands have been answered. Moving forward, now that 17-yearold Trayvon Martin’s murderer, George Zimmerman, is finally in custody and being charged with murder, where do the millions who cried out for justice go from here? How can the millions who marched, rallied, signed petitions, made Justice themed artwork, wrote articles & blogs, prayed, called or wrote their elected officials, utilized online social networking, started or joined causes such as Million Hoodie March , Occupy, Justice For Trayvon Martin and many other movements, and cried, chanted and shouted for Zimmerman’s arrest turn this case into something bigger than one man’s arrest?

We all know this is not an isolated incident. What’s the bigger picture? Shouldn’t we reach higher?

Of course it will be a lengthy trial, so we will have a lot of times on our hands. Why not make the most use and productivity of that time?

Take action! Stay involved! Join one of the many groups who helped organize rallies and marches. Join a local social justice group. Register to vote! Volunteer. Invite friends. Let’s turn this tragedy into a powerfully positive force that we use to accomplish our dreams of a just and peaceful society.

In spite of the condemning evidence against Zimmerman, he was initially allowed to go free. Likewise, many crimes by those in power against minorities, women and the poor go unchecked all the time! Could this case be a starting to point to reform the police departments and judicial systems that time and time against fail the Black, Brown and economically oppressed communities in this country? Many Americans know that this case can be bigger than just Trayvon Martin if the We the People make it so. With all the unrest going on in this country and in the world, this is a prime time to storm the gates and demand a real democracy!

This mobilization is about rightness for ALL the Black and Brown youth around the country who have been in the past, currently are and will continue to be victims of corrupt law enforcement and unjust court systems! We are tired of our young Black and Brown brothers being illegally ‘stop & frisked’ without cause or warrants by racist and classist police officers. We are appalled at the neo-slavery that is enforced through the prison industrial complex in the country that unfairly imprisons Black and Brown men for lengthy periods of times, making the corporations who profit off their labor rich. We are disgusted by the GOP’s war on women’s rights and healthcare, which disproportionally affects women of color and the poor. We can’t believe our ears at the racist propaganda that screams at us from far right media outlets and pundits. We cry out against the laws in Arizona that make racial profiling legal, which obviously target at our Brown brothers and sisters and mirror the Jim Crow days. We protest the exploitment, scapegoating and mistreatment of our undocumented Brown brothers and sisters. Sadly, the list goes on of the systematic oppression of people of color in the “modern” country.

It’s urgent that this momentum does not slow down, but become a massive tidal wave that smashes the system that divides people in this country instead of uniting us together.

“An injury to one is an injury to all!”

It’s important that those fighting for racial social justice become aware and fight against the alarming and growing war against women that has been waged by the Republican Party! 50% of people of color are women, so the GOP’s war on women is also a racial justice issue, especially since women of color will suffer the worst if this current assault on women’s healthcare, contraception rights, well-being and self-esteem waged by the affluent white men who run the Republican Party succeeds. All social justice movements really do need to come together ASAP!

Again, take action! Stay involved! Join one of the many groups who helped organize rallies and marches. Start your own! Join a local and/or national social justice group. Register to vote! Volunteer! Invite friends. Paint a picture of what justice means to you! Write a poem, perform spoken word! Get the message out! Let’s turn this tragedy into a powerfully positive force that we harness to accomplish our dreams of a just and peaceful society.

2012 is not the end of the world as the Mayan calendar suggests, it’s the BEGINNING of a new dawn, the people’s dawn! Haven’t you noticed that people all around the world are rising up against tyranny and economic injustice all at the same time? There is also this global human consciousness awakening that many feel happening, a universal enlightenment. So much promise and positive energy is here and awaits us. And of course, right here and NOW is the time to take a stand!

A favorite chant of mine from the Trayvon march:

“Ain’t no power like the power of the people cus’ the power of the people don’t stop! Say what? Ain’t no power like the power of the people cus’ the power of the people don’t stop!”

Justice for Trayvon! Justice for All! Justice for Now! Justice for Our Future!
I met the cutest little trooper for Justice on the steps of L.A. City Hall on March 26th following the Trayvon Martin march

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stop The GOP's (Gays & Gender Variants of Patriarchy) War on Women Born With Transsexualism!

Stop The GOP's (Gays & Gender Variants of Patriarchy) War on Women Born With Transsexualism!

We are fed up with some high profile gay men and gay male dominated LGBT non-profits misgendering, mocking and misrepresenting women born with our medical condition.

Our birth challenge is not property of sexual orientation rights groups. Our genetic situation has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Our condition is a physical and natural development where we were born with chromosomal and anatomy diversity.

We will not tolerate being othered and co-opted into a third gender/gender queer narrative that threatens to unravel all our hard earned education and legislative rights. Our patient rights are not up for grabs by "allies" who have different agendas.

We are not a political bargaining chip.

It's simple: Human beings born with transsexualism and/or intersex have specific and unique medical and legal needs that are often ignored and devalued in the transgender and LGBT priority list. Even worse, sometimes they are militantly worked against.

We simply do not want to be appropriated and treated like a voiceless colony.

We protest the way the truth is being disregarded and censored in this social engineered and problematic "transgender umbrella-ism reservation ideology" mandate that feels more like people with transsxualism being kidnapped and misused than voluntary consent.

No, we will not shut up and be assaulted like this.

We will strike back if we have to

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Advocate Celebrates 45 Years of Giving Voice to Equality; Human Rights Advocates, Elected Officials & Celebrities Attend Gala

(L-R) Ashley Love, Andrea James (director & transsexual advocate), Calpernia Addams (actress & transsexual advocate)
Here Media/Advocate CEO Paul Colichman (left) and his husband, actor David Milbern

Human rights attorney Gloria Allred
Dustin Lance Black,Oscar winning director of 'Milk'
Here I am with two of the stars of ABC's 'GCB', Marisol Nichols and Mark Deklin
The Advocate's Editor in Cheif Matthew Breen
with Joe Landry, SVP Group Publisher of Here Media/Advocate

The Advocate celebrated 45 years of trail blazing journalism last Thursday evening with a spectacular gala at The Beverly Hilton. Community advocates, elected officials and celebrities all came out to enjoy the event and celebrate how far numerous diverse social justice movements have come in 45 years. The Point Foundation was the honorary charity which benefited from the event, which is good because a lot of times LGBT, transsexual and/or intersex teens are disowned from their families simply for being who they are. Without a family to protect them, many are unable to go to college. So The Point Foundation steps in and says that being authentic and brave enough to be who you are in a land of ignorance and fear is not a reason to not recieve a good education!

It was a very special night for me because I got to see so many friends and co-advocates that I have known for many years. Since I now live in New York most of the year, I don’t get to see my OG LA family as much as I’d like, which made this evening a real treat for me.

The Advocate is known to be the most credible news source on gay and LGBT issues, and they are getting better at reporting transsexual and intersex issues. In a new word full of bloggers that write first, and check their facts later, it’s comforting to have news sources like The Advocate that are committed to accuracy and ethical journalism.

I've written a couple op-eds for, which is the news source owned by The Advocate that focuses on women's stories. I have also been interviewed or quoted numerous times over the years in The Advocate related to transsexual, transgender and intersex stories about media depictions and legislative rights. I am very appreciative for all The Advocate has done in aiding myself and others get our activism and education out into the world. Thank you.

If their 45th Anniversary party was this fun, I can’t wait to see how the 50th will be! See you then!
with The Trevor Project's Laura McGinnis (center) and West Hollywood City Councilmember Abbe Land (right)

with Modern Family's Jesse Ferguson Jeannine Lewis (L), Western Account Director for Here Media/Advocate and Vicki Algeo Keros (R)
(L-R) Alan Uphold (Point Foundation's Development Officer) and his husband Jeff Olde (VH1)
with The Advocate's Andrea Krauss (and Macy Gray performing in the background!)

SheWired's Editor Tracy Gilchrist and The Advocate's Neal Broverman
Bill Kapfer (L) and his husband Eric Scott Baker LA City Councilman Paul Koretz (L) and West Hollywood Mayor John Duran (R)
with The Advocate's Charles Beaudry Culbert (L-R) Chris Tompkins, singer Ben Roman, Ashley Love, DJ with HBO's Entourage star Rex Lee with Kirsten Schaffer, Executive Director of Outfest
fashion designer Andrew Christian (left) and Marcellus (right)
Actor and comedian Jason Stuart (left) and writer/director Billy Clift (right) Outfest board member Joe Keenan (left) and radio host Cary Harrison (right) with Brody Brown with drag star Coco Peru Macy Gray gave a great performance! with The Advocate's Art & Entertainment Editor Jeremy Kisner with Ross Von Metzke LA City Councilman Paul Koretz (center) gives The Advocate a certificate to honor their anniversary. Advocate's owner Paul Colichman (left) accepts the certificate, with Advocate's Editor in Cheif Matthew Breen on stage as well (right)
with celebrity photographer Duane Cramer (L-R) Duane Cramer, Joe Landry, Ashley Love, Steve Villano, Patric Z Rodriguez, Billy Hamilton
(L-R) Longliang Lin, Urosh Pajic, Josh Eddy, Rex Lee, Spencer Collins, Ashley Love
Bruce Vilanch, comedian and writer