Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stop The GOP's (Gays & Gender Variants of Patriarchy) War on Women Born With Transsexualism!

Stop The GOP's (Gays & Gender Variants of Patriarchy) War on Women Born With Transsexualism!

We are fed up with some high profile gay men and gay male dominated LGBT non-profits misgendering, mocking and misrepresenting women born with our medical condition.

Our birth challenge is not property of sexual orientation rights groups. Our genetic situation has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Our condition is a physical and natural development where we were born with chromosomal and anatomy diversity.

We will not tolerate being othered and co-opted into a third gender/gender queer narrative that threatens to unravel all our hard earned education and legislative rights. Our patient rights are not up for grabs by "allies" who have different agendas.

We are not a political bargaining chip.

It's simple: Human beings born with transsexualism and/or intersex have specific and unique medical and legal needs that are often ignored and devalued in the transgender and LGBT priority list. Even worse, sometimes they are militantly worked against.

We simply do not want to be appropriated and treated like a voiceless colony.

We protest the way the truth is being disregarded and censored in this social engineered and problematic "transgender umbrella-ism reservation ideology" mandate that feels more like people with transsxualism being kidnapped and misused than voluntary consent.

No, we will not shut up and be assaulted like this.

We will strike back if we have to


  1. Very well said Ashley. RIGHT ON!!!


  2. Between the patient's rights issues, and the fact that "transgender" as promoted by large national LGBT groups is a form of "reparative therapy" when applied to people with transsexualism - while "reparative therapy" is openly acknowledged as psychological abuse by these same gay organizations when it is applied to themselves - these gay groups are skating on very thin ice at this point.

    Go write a media guide saying that gays and lesbians are really self-loathing heterosexuals and that they should always be referred to as such because they "heterosexual" is an umbrella term that includes them (be sure to throw in a "by the way ladies, he's single!" every time they write about a gay guy, which is what lumping post-op TSs in with drag queens does), then form a large national organization dedicated to rolling back all existing gay and lesbian rights on those grounds, and see what GLAAD and HRC have to say about it!

    This is exactly what these groups are doing to women like you - their actions toward you are exactly the same as NOM's actions toward them! All they have to do is look in the medical and psychological literature to know that transsexualism is about physicality, not clothing/grooming or sexual orientation. This has ben known for over 40 years! Their refusal to accept the science on this again mirrors the actions of groups like NOM and FOF towards themselves - they ignore years of documented evidence in favor of their faith-based beliefs. I could be talking about NOM/FOF et al or HRC/GLAAD et al. Their actions are identical in this regard.

    Rather than breaking the cycle of abuse, they knowingly use you as a scapegoat to take out their aggressions upon. This is called "bullying." In fact it's worse than that, as the schoolyard bully who takes people's lunch money isn't claiming to be advocating for their right to be safe from bullying! So there's a layer of psychological abuse ("gaslighting") layered on top of the bullying.


    -- A.R.