Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BREAKING: On The Eve of The Annual Trans Day of Remembrance Islan's Nettles Confessed Murderer, Paris Wilson, Has Charges Against Him Dropped.


The tragedy continues against Islan Nettles, the young woman of trans experience from Harlem who was recently murdered in cold blood. This beautiful woman had such a promising future which was robbed from her from a insecure and hateful little man who is could very well get away with this murder due to a technicality.

All this on the eve of the Trans Day of Remembrance, as if God is trying to shine a light on the terrorism that plagues our sisters for all to see. Poetic Injustice.

The case is still open. This outrage on top of my saddened state due to TDOR is a lot to deal with. Why is this happening? When will justice rain down from the mighty heavens?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Governor Quinn of Illinois and Illinois’ Leading LGB“t” Organizations Decide To Sign Illinois Marriage Equality Bill Not on the 19th or 21st, but on November 20th - The Trans Day of Remembrance. Really? How Amazingly Symbolic...

Governor Quinn of Illinois, the Governor's LGBT Liaison and the leading LGB Illinois organizations have decided to sign the Illinois Marriage Equality Bill into law not on November 19th, not on November 21st, but on November 20th - The Trans Day of Remembrance.

Um, ok.

How amazingly symbolic....

After the rainbow wedding cake and champagne party perhaps attention may actually go towards the epidemic of transsexual and transgender women of color being terrorized and slaughtered in Chicago, New York, Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., California, Brazil and all around the world?

Monday, November 11, 2013

VIDEO: Poet Sy Stokes, Alongside Fellow Black UCLA Students, Delivers Empowering Spoken Word Video Drawing Attention To UCLA's Overwhelming Lack of Diversity; Sign Petition Now!

Sy Stokes and fellow Black Bruins outside the Campbell Hall, where in 1969 two UCLA students Black Panther members were assassinated.

Sy Stokes, an UCLA Black student, and cousin of the late Arthur Ashe, delivers an empowering spoken word piece alongside fellow Black Bruins blasting the racist and classist policies of UCLA, it's fraudulent claims of "diversity", the pitfalls of California abandoning affirmative action and points out that Blacks are only wanted there to play sports.

Sign the Change.org petition to demand more diversity at UCLA: https://www.change.org/petitions/ucla-has-less-than-50-black-males-in-the-entire-freshmen-class-this-needs-to-change