Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BREAKING: On The Eve of The Annual Trans Day of Remembrance Islan's Nettles Confessed Murderer, Paris Wilson, Has Charges Against Him Dropped.


The tragedy continues against Islan Nettles, the young woman of trans experience from Harlem who was recently murdered in cold blood. This beautiful woman had such a promising future which was robbed from her from a insecure and hateful little man who is could very well get away with this murder due to a technicality.

All this on the eve of the Trans Day of Remembrance, as if God is trying to shine a light on the terrorism that plagues our sisters for all to see. Poetic Injustice.

The case is still open. This outrage on top of my saddened state due to TDOR is a lot to deal with. Why is this happening? When will justice rain down from the mighty heavens?

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  1. A travesty. I have no words to describe my outrage. Will we ever get justice and equality in this country?!