Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Suzan Cooke Responds to Gay, Inc. & TG, Inc. Hijacking & Appropriating the Transsexual Medical Condtion.

Transsexual Medical Rights Pioneer Suzan Cooke

Suzan Cooke is a longtime veteran in the struggle for women born with transsexual and/or intersex medical conditions. She has been very intrumental is combating the epidemic of her community being marginalized by some of the transgender identified people, cross-dressing males and gay/lesbian politicos who have usurped the definition of the transsexualism birth challenge into either a game chip to be used by Gay, Inc and TG, Inc to further their sexual-orientation only agenda, or to miseducate the public into thinking transsexualism is an "identity or expression", when in fact it is a biological and medical condition (transsexual women are not drag queens, crossdrsssers, gender queer activists, etc).

Currently, Nikki Araguz, a heterosexual female in Texas dealing with a law suit pertaining to her birth challenge status, is being misrepresented by Transgender, Inc and Gay, Inc. in a way that pigeonholes the particular needs, facts and human rights of transsexual and intersex Americans.

'Trans Forming Media' asked Suzan Cooke for a statement regarding the transsexual community’s current protest of transgender blogger Autumn Sandeen’s misgendering and declassifying of Nikki Araguz, and Sandeen and Gay, Inc's sneaky strategy of wanting to make Nikki's case about their "same sex marriage" agenda. How many years must all LGBTQI and TTI issues be about privilged gay and lesbian folks getting married? There are other issues! And dishonestly trying to miscontrue the facts of Nikki's case to continue their campiagn is just shameful. Sandeen is employed by the gay and lesbian establishment via Pam's House Blend (Pam Spaulding’s blog). Sandeen has a long history of misrepresenting transsexual issues, yet as the gay and lesbian establishment keeps on rewarding Sandeen for compromising the transsexual and intersex communities, we do not see Sandeen stopping anytime soon. This is why many are speaking out.

The good news is that many in the transsexual, transgender and intersex (TTI) communities are uprising against the constant LGB appropriation of TTI issues. This appropriation advances only the privileged gay and lesbian people (and the transgender people they fund), yet sabotages the hopes of transsexual and intersex Americans achieving human rights and social and cultural understanding and acceptance. Times are changing. Enough already.

Suzan Cooke tells 'Trans Forning Media':

"Transgender Inc. represents a political identity that places the interests of transgender people who do not get SRS ahead of transsexual people who do get SRS. It has consistently erased the reality of the lives of post-SRS people with transsexualism and demanded that they not pursue legal/political solutions to their particular problems purely as post SRS people with transsexualism.

Instead Transgender Inc uses the willful confusing of post SRS people with non-op transgender people to further their particular goals.

This is not meant to target any particular person putting forth the party line of Transgender Inc. Nor is it meant to denigrate the goals of non-discrimination nor the rights to live as one chooses with all ones human rights protected.

This becomes more a matter of our demanding a say in how we are represented and a say on how matters that are of vital concern to us are represented"

Monday, July 26, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

Trans Activist 'Sky' Exposes Autumn Sandeen's "LGB Appropriation" of Transsexual & Intersex Issues such as the Nikki Araguz Story in Texas

Noted trans activist, 'Sky', calls out Autumn Sandeen (transgender blogger employed by Gay Inc.) to stop appropriating trans issues to support the gay and lesbian establishment who are employing her to do so.

Today Sandeen wrote a blog entry on Pams House Blend concerning Nikki Araguz, the widow of a recently fallen firefighter in Texas. Nikki's in-laws are trying to steal her benefits, claiming Nikki was "born a man". Sandeen goes on a rant yet again that inaccuratly paints an intersex and transsexual issue in a way that makes it about "gay issues", just like when she used the word "homosexuality" in the title of a blog entry she did about trans women Tiwonge and her lover Steven.

Sky publicly exposes Sandeen's misreporting of transsexual and intersex issues as:

"Appropriation. There are a lot of GLB trans folk for whom same-sex marriage is an important issue, but I get a irritated when transgender issues get appropriated in order to support same-sex marriage. Nikki is a woman and should not have to enter a same-sex marriage as a man in order for her marriage to be recognized. Nikki should be fully recognized as a woman, and her marriage should be recognized as a valid opposite sex marriage. Period." - Sky wrote to Pam's House Blend's Autumn Sandeen

Thank you Sky! It has become common for many transsexual advocates, allies and writers to protest Sandeen's misrepresention (many of whom Sandeen banned from commenting on the Pam's House Blend site for thier truth telling) of many trans issues in a way that caters to Gay Inc, yet pigeonholes transsexual and intersex people who do not subscribe to Sandeen's and Gay Inc's transgender/3rd gender/crossdresser political strong arming of the medical condition transsexualism.

There is a difference,(equal, but different), between a woman with both intersex and transsexual birth challenges, and this social political term "transgender" that all of a sudden encompasses gender queer identified individuals, gay and lesbian gender non-conforming people, cross dressers, drag queens, etc. One noted transgender blogger employed by Gay Inc. was uncomfortble with the discussion of diversity in the transsexual, transgender umbrella and intersex communities, for reasons she knows. The high majority of intersex people are not even remotely transgender (intersex people are of a biological condition, not an "identity or expression"), and neither do a lot of transsexual people (many them with an intersex condition).

Apparently the marriages of transsexual, transgender & intersex (TTI) people aren’t a priority for the gay & lesbian organizations. The media continues to misreport the facts pertaining to Nikki Araguz's case. The TTI communities supported the gay and lesbian community’s fight for marriage rights. It’s a disappointing slap in the face tp see all the gay groups being silent about this potentially historical case in Texas. Don't heterosexual intersex and transsexual people also deserve advocacy from the LGBT leadership?

At least Sandeen was honest enough to write "alleged transgender" in the title of her propaganda filled blog entry about Nikki Araguz. That is more then most gay and lesbian media outlets have done, who sometimes co-opt the medical condition transsexualism either out of ignorance, or because it uplifts gay people over transsexual people.

The reason we feel compelled to discuss the often silenced topic of diversity in the sex and/or gender diverse communities is because the epidemic of women and men being denied their medical rights to treat their intersex and transsexual birth challenge is a crime. These attacks on their human rights could be remedied more so if the media would not aide in the miseducation that continues to marginalize many transsexual, transgender and intersex people.

MAGNET's Media Advisory:

MAGNET asks all media outlets, especially our own LGBT media outlets, to stop misgendering and declassifying Nikki Araguz's birth challenge status, and ask the gay and lesbian organizations to help the intersex, transsexual and transgender communities defend themselves from these media assaults.

Nikki Araguz was born with a variation of female and male biology. She was not born a "man", yet is being falsely reported so by numerous media outlets (even some LGB"T" ones). This inaccurate reporting causes fear and miseducation about intersex and transsexual human beings, which unethically and irresponsibly sways the future jury from seeing things clearly because of this sensational false media. This hype could cause propaganda which could strip Nikki of her constitutional rights and security. This woman deserves the right to grieve for her brave and loving companion who she has lost, without this humilating and public assault on her right to privacy. -----------------------------

This is a tragic love story made even more tragic by ignorance, hate and greed. It's shameful that the mother of the fallen firefighter would choose her desire for money over her respect for her son’s memory, and the love of his life, his wife, Nikki Araguz

Friday, July 9, 2010

My reviews of some of the hottest LGBT films making the film festival circuits on SheWired.com

Read my film reviews of some of the hottest new LGBT films making the festival circuit on SheWired.com

A Frameline Diary: Films, Galas, Photos and more...Shewired.com - The go-to site for women: lesbian, gay, bi, queer, trans, straight girl but curious and otherwise identified

I am happy to be a new contributor for the LGBT women's website "SheWired" (.com). Here's the first paragraph of my first article for them, check out the rest of it on SheWired.com.

As Los Angeles is gearing up for its film festival extravaganza Outfest, new SheWired contributor Ashley Love reflects on the amazing LGBT Film Festival Frameline that ended last week in San Francisco.

The funnest time to be in San Francisco is the second part of June! Not only is June national LGBT pride month, but The San Francisco LGBT Film Festival Frameline also happens from June 17th to 26th. Frameline has been helping transsexual, transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and intersex people and their allies tell LGBT stories since 1977. From the legendary Castro theatre, to San Fran being the capital of documentary filmmakers, to many LGBT artists, activists and storytellers residing here, San Francisco has been an influential breeding ground for LGBT people to showcase their cinematic visions to the world. Frameline has pioneered high amounts of trans inclusion in programming and development of trans artists, and even throws trans-specific events, parties and panels. - Ashley Love

To read my film reviews from Frameline, and finish reading about my San Fran trip, please click on the link below:


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Sylvia Rivera’s Words Exposing Gay Inc’s Oppression of Trans People Still Ring True Today. Happy Birthday Sylvia!

Sylvia Rivera’s Words Exposing Gay Inc’s Oppression of Trans People Still Ring True Today

Today, July 2nd, is LGBT pioneer Sylvia Rivera’s birthday. Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexual & Transgender People (MAGNET) and many LGBT people honor this heroic transgender woman, who is credited by historians as being the person who “threw the first heel” in the Stonewall Inn that fateful night in 1969, when the LGBT community decided to fight back against police brutality. Rivera and many other transgender and gender non-conforming people of color at the inn that night were “guilty” of having “gender inappropriate” clothing, which is the excuse the police used to exercise their prejudice with violence. The police were surprised when the guests at the bar decided to fight back! This riot catapulted the modern LGBT movement, and Rivera and other trans people were responsible for kicking things off.

Rivera continued to advocate for LGBT equality, particularly those disenfranchised and homeless. Sadly, after the gay establishment was done using her to get publicity to raise money, she was abandoned by the gay community, and actually died impoverished. They expressed that “transgender issues are too extreme”. The lesbian separatist “radical feminist” community would exclude her from women’s conferences, and she was even one time escorted out of a queer women’s conference by transphobic lesbians. She was banned from the New York Gay Center for publicly, and aggressively, asking them to take better care of homeless queer youth. When Rivera used her voice to call out the oppression of trans, poor and/or people of color from Gay Inc, she was blacklisted from many organizations, media outlets and social circles. Though the Gay Male Media Mafia tried to silence her truth telling, shortly before she died she foretold the future saying, “One of our main goals now is to destroy the Human Rights Campaign because I'm tired of sitting on the back of the bumper. It's not even the back of the bus anymore — it's the back of the bumper. The bitch on wheels is back.”

Today, a new documentary is making the festival circuit called “Stonewall Uprising”. Shockingly, but not surprisingly, the white gay and lesbian people primarily responsible for making the film totally “white washed” what really happened, by mainly interviewing white subjects, to having only white men on the promo poster. And it gets even more inaccurate and appalling- the films totally belittles the involvement not only LGBT people of color had in initiating our movement, but it downplays the significant role trans people had in igniting the flame that Stonewall accomplished. Sorry Gay Inc, no matter how hard you try, your desperate attempt to rewrite history, therefore oppressing trans folk and people of color, will not work. There’s a new Stonewall happening, and this “oppress our own pattern” is getting harder to maintain as the people continue to speak out.

Before there was Harvey Milk, there was Sylvia Rivera. Yet the gate keepers of LGB“T” media all too often marginalize her influential place in history.

If Sylvia Rivera were alive today, how would she feel about the current status of transsexual, transgender and intersex people in the LGBTQ community? How would she feel about the cries of LGBT people of color who are protesting that their voices and needs are not being appreciated or included by the gay hierarchy?

On this special day honoring Sylvia Rivera’s birthday, we are calling on all gay and lesbian people to remember who started Stonewall, and to try to be more understanding, compassionate and inclusive of your trans brothers and sisters. We call on Gay Inc to remember that it was not the privileged assimilationists who first stormed the gates making it possible for this 40 year campaign for equality. In reality, it was lower income people of color who bravely defied transphobic and homophobic violence with such a resistance that the whole world knew the LGBT community had had enough, resulting in irreversible revolution.

Happy Birthday Sylvia Rivera, and thank you for taking a stand!
Sincerely, Ashley Love- organizer of MAGNET.