Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Roe vs Wade Victory Day, & Happy TS/IS Liberation Year!

Americans w/ a transsexual or intersex birth challenge would like their keys back, thanks

Happy Roe vs Wade Anniversary! Men don’t have the right to tell women what to do w/ their bodies! Also, cross dressing males, gender queer activists and Gay Inc don’t have the right to tell women born w/ a transsexual and/or intersex birth condition to forgo their medical legitimacy and unique needs in order to be co-opted into some "gender deconstructionist agenda".

Recently, both the women born transsexual and LGB”TG” blogospheres have been blowing up due to the fact that many women and men born transsexual or intersex (TS/IS) are fed up with being misrepresented by the gay establishment, cross dressing males, those who seek to dismantle the gender binary and transgender politicians.

I have read a lot of hateful and ugly comments against some of these women by transgender individuals and males. They have told them “shut up, we own you, do as you’re told”. I don’t think the transgender sociopolitical troopers were prepared for the backlash when many noted women born transsexual activists and journalists, and allies, fought back against this colonization in full force!

Now there is no tuning back.

Some people in the TS/TG/IS communities have a gender issue (TG), others have an actual birth challenge or medical condition (TS/IS). It’s simple, so why so much confusion and blackballing of TS/IS people?

Just like fanatics used to bomb abortion clinics to take away women’s right to choose, certain gender nonconforming bloggers have been trying to “bomb” the uprising of women born TS or IS in their struggle for ACCURATE representation by publishing fear, libel and hate infested articles, just like Janice Raymond used to do when she raged war on women born with a transsexual condition.

TS/IS Americans are being denied their medical rights and legal recognition. Their narrative is not gender queers, cross dressing males or Gay Inc’s property to dictate to. Just like women’s bodies and right to choose is not 55 year old white Congressmen’s and priest’s property to control.

Personally, all I want is harmony in the many diverse communities such those who were born transsexual or intersex, transgender and gender non-conforming activists, cross dressing males and transvestites, drag queens/kings, gender queers and the LGB communities.

But in order to achieve that harmony, the patriarchy and Gay/TG establishment can’t bulldoze over people with a TS/IS condition and try to erase their truth.

We cannot build harmony on a Big Lie. The Big Lie is sweeping diversity and individuality under the rug and proclaiming everyone in the different sex and gender diverse communities as “transgender” against their will. Women and men who are born transsexual or intersex (along with the doctors and scientists who will attest to their legitimate medical condition) should be afforded a seat at the table. How can anyone be surprised at the frustration so many people are expressing at being silenced and bullied? Then when TS/IS people speak out, they get vilified and manhandled! This abuse of power by TG/Gay gatekeepers, phobic shrinks, hateful far right propaganda spreaders and politicians has to stop, because the transsexual and intersex communities are not going to stop speaking their truths, and will keep on calling out falsehoods.

Another tactic that some are using to suppress the TS/IS advocates request for acknowledged differentiation is to vilify them by calling them “elitists” and “bigots”. This is a sneaky way to suggest that TS/IS people are the same thing as drag queens, cross dressing males and gender deconstructionists, to censor their freedom of speech and to dismiss their medical legitimacy. Just because TS/IS people have urgent (sometimes lifesaving) reasons to educate about diversity and accuracy does not mean there is any “hierarchy creating” going on as alleged. That’s silly, and is a part of the Big Lie. Just like Black, Latino and API groups have specific avenues of addressing their race’s unique interests, there is nothing foul about TS/IS Americans expressing that their medical needs are different then the gender agenda of cross dressers, drag queens/kings and gender queer activists. What is foul is over generalizing groups of people to "make it easy", even at the cost of transsexual and intersex peoples medical legitimacy and pursuit of happiness being compromised. To lock women of transsexual history in a category with male transvestite and fetishists is unbelievable! And yet these women get crucified for protesting this inappropriate pairing!

Variety is the spice of life! So why do so many people like to hate on people who don’t want to wear the same uniform as everyone else. The vilifying and slandering of TS/IS Americans who are feeling slighted and marginalized in the transgender movement is cruel, dishonest and selfish.

The truth remains: Transsexualism & Intersex issues will not be erased by TG/Gender Queer Inc, Gay Inc, or the Religious Far Right

A woman with a TS condition does not want to check the “3rd box” like many gender queer activists are fighting to do. She just wants to check the “female” box. She does not want to be “othered or misgendered”, she does not want to rebel against the gender binary. She just wants to live her life in peace, and have the same rights any other woman in America has. Why do so many gender queer, cross dressing and transgender activists want to beat on TS/IS women for wanting this? Stop usurping the transsexual and intersex communities, and then ganging up on them when they resist certain self-marginalizing and misgendering ideologies in the gender queer and transgender movements.

Can’t we all nurture, respect and listen to each other? Why do TS/IS people have to scream at the top of their lungs in order for anyone to take their plight seriously? This conflict has been going on for decades, and is only getting louder. Some of the LGB/TG/GQ/CD activists resisting the TS/IS uprising are just bullies, and place their careers, personal agenda, access and profit before people, diversity and the truth. It really hurts that some decision makers try to force TS/IS people onto some reservation against their will.

We are now cutting the barbed wire. You can either be there for us, or we will make it on our own. We truly hope you choose to be here for us.
Happy Roe vs Wade Victory Day, & Happy TS/IS Liberation Year!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr. Did Not Believe in Segregation, Nor Do TS/IS Americans

Martin Luther King, Jr. Did Not Believe in Segregation, Nor Do TS/IS Americans

What I’m hearing from many Americans born with a transsexual and/or intersex condition is they too don’t believe in segregation.

Some transgender/3rd gender/gender queer theory troopers try to enforce TS/IS women to be segregated from non-TS/IS women, into some type of “gender variant/3rd gender” box.

This is segregation. This is Illegal in America.

Our doctors and scientists will attest to that.

TS/IS women are not by definition cross dressers, gender deconstructionists or drag queen stage acts

For our Transgender Ward Bosses and Gay Inc to enforce segregation onto unwilling people with a TS/IS condition is dangerous to their medical legitimacy, civil rights and understanding from society

If GQ/CD/TG/DQ/TV/GNC folks want to dismantle the gender binary for themselves, good for them.

But to demand TS/IS Americans sign over their own narrative to some gender theory agenda contract is a crime.

I agree with Martin Luther King, Jr.: Creating segregation onto unwilling participants is immoral, dehumanizing and against everything this great country stands for.

Women are women. Not “3rd/gender, sub-women, its or “tra**ys”

This is a great time in America, as the TS/IS communities are rising up against mis-education, mis-gendering, misinformation and misleading gender theories.

TS/IS Americans are fighting for their legal recognition, medical legitimacy and to be understood by society.

Segregation no more. Social exile no more. PC Bullying no more.

As Audre Lourde said “Your silence will not protect you”.

It’s so inspiring to see all these TS/IS people speaking out against marginalization and censorship.

Authenticity. Happiness. Honesty. Medical rights. Just living our lives. This is our dream.

Have a great Martin Luther King,Jr. Day today!