Monday, August 15, 2011

(from The MAGNET Source): 'MAGNET Protests Adam Carolla’s Transphobic Comments; Rejects His "Apology”'

Adam Carolla's "apology" is not being accepted by many advocates and community members

Producer/TV Host Eden Lane speaks out against Carolla's anti-transsexual comments

From MAGNET's website:

Adam Carrola adds to his long resume of offensive and prejudice/fear based outbursts with a new podcast where he went on a rant against people who are transsexual and transgender. He asked "When did we start giving a sh-- about these people?" He adds that the LGBT community should "shut up" about speaking out for equality because they are "ruining his life", when in reality, his fear and hate mongering is what is “ruining people’s lives”. He advised the LGBT coaltion to exchange the acronym LGBT ("Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender") for "YUCK.", again, the only thing “yuck” is Carolla’s transphobia, homophobia and sexism.

Carolla recently just made his defintion of an apology: “I’m sorry my comments were hurtful. I’m a comedian, not a politician.”

Ashley Love, an organizer with Media Advocates Giving National Equality to Transsexual & Transgender People (MAGNET), comments on Carolla's verbal violence:

“We reject Adam Carolla’s excuse of “being a comedian” as to why he was promoting transphobia, sexism and hate speech. We know many successful comedians who don’t use fear mongering and transphobia in their material. This propaganda endangers the well-being, public's understanding, human rights and the lives of people born with a transsexual medical condition. Carolla should know there is an epidemic of unemployment, violence and marginalization in the transsexual and transgender communities due to the ignorance and fear his comments are adding to. The networks, advertisers and listeners associated with Carolla now or in the future should know that transphobia and hate is not funny or acceptable.”

Eden Lane, known as “the first transsexual broadcast journalist” on mainstream television, and host of 'In Focus TV' ( program on PBS affiliate KBDI ), responded to Carolla's defamatory comments. She tells MAGNET:

“I was deeply disappointed to hear the degrading anti- transsexual remarks Mr. Carolla made on his recent podcast. Mr. Carolla might benefit from some kind of training so he understands the injury he can do to young people not only of a transsexual or transgender experience, but to his young fans who now may think Carolla’s “comedy” is an acceptable reaction to people who are born different."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't Get Any Ideas! Americans with Transsexualism Don’t Want "3rd Gender Status” Like Nepal Just Legislated


It was just reported that Nepal will now have a "third gender status" class for people to register in. This is a victory for those who are gender non-conforming, gender-queer, or even transgender. But what about people with transsexualism who may be tossed in that reservation against their will? When insurance and health care companies, and some governments, are getting away with denying people with transsexualism their rights by saying they are not the gender that they are, it's frustrating when some gender deconstructionist activists mirror that same rhetoric when they enroll people with transsexualism into their sociopolitical agenda against their will.

Sounds like identity-theft to me, and the high majority of Americans with transsexualism also consider the co-opting and misrepresenting of their medical condition by gender deconstructionists highly problematic and transsexual-phobic.

If some extreme transgender-deconstructionist ideology activists have their way, all Americans born with transsexualism will also have to register as "third gender status" against their will like many overseas countries are doing. So forgive us people with transsexualism when we get a little feisty and resistant against Gay Inc and it's Transgender Subsidiary using their big platform to spread misinformation that harms people with transsexualism, their medical legitimacy, health care rights and narrative!

Stop the misgendering of people with transsexualism! Call the American Medical Association today and ask them to back up their statement that clearly states that our birth condition is natural, and our human rights are being violated when our medical rights are deemed “unnecessary” by insurance, health care and government officials, and sadly, even by some transgender-queer, 3rd gender and gay advocates.

Why should transsexual rights be appropriated and trampled on by gender deconstructionist agendas?