Monday, June 4, 2012

Don't Means Don't: The Ten Don'ts of Don't

Don't Means Don't:
The Ten Don'ts of Don't

Don’t hate me because I’m feminine.

Don’t fear me because I am aligned with the gender binary

Don’t judge or resent me because I am perceived by the world as a woman, period

Don’t censor me because I am a heterosexual woman of transsexual and intersex experience

Don’t bully me because you won’t have a gentle and rational debate

Don’t misgender me to cater to your social engineering and gender deconstructionism agenda

Don’t cast me into a 3rd gender narrative because you may identify in the ‘gender queer’ culture

Don’t desex me because you have internalized and unchecked transsexual-phobia which you act upon

Don’t sinisterly put words in my mouth because my truth unedited is valid and exposes your concoted falsehoods and unjust politics

Don’t, just PLEASE Don't miss the opportunity to discover what a true ally could be (which does not mean colonialist). Allies are better than frenemies

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