Thursday, April 26, 2012

'Hunger Games' Star, Josh Hutcherson, Supports Transsexual Education Rally In Defying GLAAD's Erasure Of Saying The Word 'Transsexual'

GLAAD's 2012 Media Awards winner, Josh Hutcherson , star of 'The Hunger Games', joins MAGNET supporters and defies GLAAD's rule "only say transgender, never say transsexual" at GLAAD's very own awards in which he was being honored!

“My mom has always been a big advocate, especially in the gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual community, so for me it’s always been a part of my soul,” Josh Hutcherson told Eonline.

This is very telling of the recent trend of the younger generations being more aware of stories and images of people born with the medical condition transsexualism who transition just to live their lives as the women and men they know they are. Therefore, the result is less transsexual-phobia with these younger generations. They don't see us as "third gender, cross dressers, drag queens" or any other "transgender" expression or lifestyle. They see us as just women and men. In short, they understand and support the transsexual narrative, not this othering and misgendering "one size fits all" transgender ideology.

We are thrilled that GLAAD has not entirely succeeded in censoring out the word transsexual from society, especially outside and inside their very own GLAAD Awards.

We are not "transgender". Our condition is not a lifestyle, drag show or fetish. We were born with chromosomal and anatomy diversity, and our affirming doctors aide us in aligning our bodies with our mind. We are born with transsexualism, and some of us are intersex as well. It's  time GLAAD stopped brushing us into some "transgender" reservation. We will not be colonized into a gender deconstructionism agenda against our will. That's a violation of our patient rights, as well as constitutional rights. We are women and men, and will not be segregated from other women and men into some third gender narrative just because of our birth challenge.  Segregation is illegal. All we ask is that GLAAD represent us accurately.

Congrats Josh, thanks for supporting the cause!
For information on MAGNET's education rally which was held at The GLAAD Awards this Saturday evening: 

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  1. Right on! Thanks Josh, you're a real hero! I don't like GLAAD implying a drag queen or something by lumping me in some phoney "transgender" umbrella. Transsexuals don't belong there. I'm a woman and want to be treated with respect! Thanks MAGNET for holding this education rally. With all my heart, Becky