Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Human Rights Campaign Dictates Removal of Trans* Coalition Flag, Yet Who The Hell Made Them Our Masters? She Will Fly Without Permission, Man.

How dare the HRC ask the trans* coalition to remove their flag from the Capital! The diverse trans* communities are not property of one issue/one class pushing LGB board members or their staff. We don't need permission to make the point that trans* issues are different than LGB issues and that we are tired of being the last priority, if even a priority at all.
Transsexualism’s distinct narrative is that of a medical condition requiring affirming and sometimes lifesaving healthcare, and is not to be confused with some drag race. The 'Transsexual Spring' will not allow a damn to be constructed in their waters through the disingenuous interests of colonialists. Though, the sad thing is that a certain retained group of token trans toms will aid and abet in this treachery.  
The good news is that truth always wins out, fake media and misinformation campaigns be damned!

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