Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Transsexual Spring: The Tide's Shifting This Season As The Transsexual Uprising Gains Major Ground In Affirming, Accurate Education & Medical Rights

Currently The Transsexual Uprising for liberation from the anti-gender binary and anti-medical narrative reservation known as the “transgender umbrella”, which is really a concocted socio-political invention that literally impedes and erodes the rights and public understanding of those born with transsexualism, is making numerous and major advancements this Spring.

And what a beautiful and promising Spring it is! Spring into Action! The Transsexual Spring! Flowers are blooming in such abundance that they can’t be held down, and there’s nothing the honey stealing wasps and bee *colony* workers can do about it, though they are trying
Malcom Gladwell’s popular book ‘The Tipping Point’ (that I and every publicist and marketing professional have on our bedroom dresser), is about: [From Wikipedia] "the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point."[1] The book seeks to explain and describe the "mysterious" sociological changes that mark everyday life.”

The re-liberation of the accurate representation of transsexualism has come into its own “Tipping Point”, which means, though there is still a lot of work to do, we have officially pierced through the 'prison cell' that seeks to hold us captive in a gender deconstructionism narrative against our will. Only a few ‘bricks’ have been removed from the captor's wall, yet that was the hardest part, the remaining bricks will be tumbling down soon enough.

And no, ghost of Virginia Prince, we don’t need yours are any other misogynistic transvestite or transgenderist/gender queer activist’s permission to preserve and inform about the accurate transsexual medical condition narrative. We are not your property, man. Yeah, we get it, apparently since Freud and other sexist white male shrinks are “experts” on women, you think that means sexist white male transvestite fetishists are entitled to colonize women born with transsexualism into some “transgender” scam-brella without our consent. If anti-transsexual ‘Virginia Prince’ cult followers haven’t noticed, 2012 is the year of the Divine Feminine, and women with transsexualism have had enough of being appropriated, spiritually assaulted, psychologically abused and misrepresented.  Let us go gently, or don’t act surprised when we have no choice but to defend ourselves, yet with an aftermath you may dislike.

Let’s examine some blessings the Transsexual Uprising has come into this Spring:

The important ruling last month by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says it’s “sex discrimination” via the 14th Amendment to discriminate against those who transition sex, and clearly states that our condition is *medical*. It’s not about “dress up, fetishes, costume balls, drag stage acts” or other transgenderist activities, hobbies or lifestyles.

Today I was online and noticed The Montreal Gazette in Canada published two pieces discussing the "transsexual, not transgender" conflict. The author agreed that's its problematic and misgendering to call transsexual people "transgender" by grouping transsexuals with drag queens, cross dressers, transvestites, gender queers and other "transgender" identities.

Last month ‘The Hunger Games’ star, Josh Hutcherson, supported MAGNET’s education rally during The GLAAD Awards when he defied GLAAD’s anti-transsexual protocol. In an interview with E! News about GLAAD, he joined our cause by disregarding GLAAD’s media guide and sound bite training. He (gasp!) said the word “transsexual”, instead of transgender! I can’t tell you how happy that made the young girls and teenagers that I mentor and play big sister to (all with a transsexual medical history), as well as us grownups that are fed up with GLAAD misrepresenting us. You see, it hurts these young girl’s self-identity and feelings when GLAAD insensitively (and inaccurately) says that these girls are the same thing and label as a cross dresser, clown or fetishist. Wouldn’t any girl or woman be offended by being called a 'man wearing a dress' just for "fun or kink"? It diminishes their womanhood and self esteem, and is a condescending slap in their face. For these children to hear bigots at school call them names and mock their gender is bad enough, but for "education" non-profits and fraudulant media guides to imply the exact same messaging that they are not "real" girls and women is devastating.

GLAAD needs to stop their disinformation campaign because it's harmfully impacting children born with our birth challenge. Um, aren’t they supposed to be about anti-bullying……?

I read an article today written by a transgender guy on “Queering The Closet” who made the distinction between transsexual and transgender.

I was talking to a mentor and dear friend yesterday who is an elder in the transsexual and intersex communities. She has resisted the attempted erasure of the TS narrative by TG Theory since the mid-90's, when this social engineering started. I learned from her that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) is getting ready to release their DSM 5 Revision that clearly draws a line between male transvestite fetishists and women of transsexual history, much to the disappointment of those who would co-opt us to push their separate and conflicting agenda.

Last week I was reading a favorite blog of mine, Enough Nonsense, which often discusses the fact that transsexualism is being appropriated and misrepresented by the transgender and cross dresser communities, as well as by Gay Inc. The site reported that last month a Minnesota judge affirmed the transsexual narrative in a ruling where he deemed a woman who had undergone SRS as legally “female sex”. Of course, the gay and transgender “news sources” and blogs remained silent on this victory, perhaps because it supported the transsexual MEDICAL CONDITION narrative, not the transgender ideology propaganda. We are not “third gender”, when will they get that?

Andrea Rosenfield, a writer of transsexualism issues, commented about the Minnesota case in the comment section of the Enough Nonsense site:

As a silver lining, the ruling happens to provide a “finding of fact” that the LGB/TG’s ongoing “It Means Gay!” disinformation/propaganda campaign does real, tangible damage. If something had happened during that interim period before the case resolved, someone could have died. The LGB/TG can’t deny this now, it’s in the record, and it can be used in future cases. (Hint, hint.) That’s probably why the Usual Suspects didn’t want to draw attention to it, and why it’s important that you do.

More importantly, you’re quite likely looking at the end of the “specific exclusion” era. As soon as the insurance companies got the government to force everyone to buy their private insurance, they brought themselves under the 14th and related Federal statutes. That’s what the references to the national health insurance act were about. While noting that it was outside the scope of the case at hand, the judge clearly semaphored that if the insurance company tries to enforce that bizarre and contrived “natural-born” clause they added to try to weasel around covering this woman, they’ll get spanked hard by Title VII. (The Miss Universe thing was ultimately the same issue, and it’s probably why Trump backed down so fast.). - Andrea Rosenfield - April 24, 2012

There are lot more recent developments that have happened this Spring that are supporting The Transsexual Uprising, I will try to include them on my blog later this week, but I think you get the idea: Times are changing!

On the other end, the unfortunate, yet expected, thing about The Transsexual Uprising gaining so much ground means that the attacks and anti-transsexual propaganda we have to endure is getting amped up heavily, but that’s okay, it only means we are doing something right and those who reap the benefits of our enslavement will do everything in their power to keep us 'picking cotton' in their unethical and unjust 'plantation fields' (keep us hostage in their con-brella).

For example, this Spring a few self-promoting and self-aggrandizing "transgender" bloggers, authors and "gender outlaw" entertainers (who actually financially and professionally profit from enforcing transgender socio-politics and umbrella-ism theory) are obsessing over how to stop the inevitable transsexual liberation by creating petty drama, speculating, concocting laughable and ‘out of this world’ history revisionism, taking actions and quotes out of context, presuming to know one’s intentions as if they are telepathic, unrobing and degrading the bodies of women born with transsexualism and behaving like unstable, over compulsive and anti-social personalities, fueled by their amazing male egos and desire to get attention, although it’s negative attention. Their behavior is obviously a backlash to the realization that their fantasy "transgender umbrella reservation" mandate is coming to an end. They are dealing with their ‘bubble being popped’ like most imperialists do when their colonies breaks free: Retaliating with [mental] violence, back tracking, faking evidence and agreements, mispeaking for deceased transsexuals and others, and transparent [and failed] character assassinations against numerous women of transsexual history that are being seriously listened to.

Their over the top cyber bullying is very telling of how they lack genuine facts to back up their opinion based frame work, as well as not having authentic or sincere intentions, just the typical crafty lies most politicians spit when they want to CON-vince the people of something they know dang well is hog wash. If only they could stop behaving like tyrants and discontinue hijacking our medical and patients’ rights to cater to their socio-political and “anti-gender-binary” agenda then we wouldn’t have to be so raw and even harsh in protecting ourselves with the only means we have: The truth!

I know I write a lot of blog entries discussing the problems and challenges we face as women and men born with transsexualism, but today I want to let my readers know that there is a LOT to be hopeful and happy about. Additionally, there are some very powerful developments that have and are currently happening behind the scenes that I can't write about yet, but they are all leading to women and men like us being legally recognized as, go figure: Women and Men! And that means women and men, period- not a 3rd gender status that so many gender queer, transgender, cross dressing activists and their LGB Inc funders seek to drag us into screaming and protesting.
The tide is shifting.

Segregation is (and has been!) ILLEGAL! When Gay Inc and its Transgender Um[Scam]brella Ideology Subsidiary finally grasp that segregation is illegal not just based on race, but sex as well, they will come to understand why women and men of transsexual history will never allow ourselves and our children of transsexual and/or intersex history to be othered in their proposed sub-woman and sub-man narrative plot. I would rather die of thirst than be legally forced to drink from a separate drinking fountain then other women, we are not 2nd class women. Likewise, we will never opt to "check a third box" like the gender queer contingent (who have major influence in the TG agenda) are petitioning to make a reality not just for themselves, but for non-consenting women and men with transsexualism as well!

A well-meaning message to the non-transsexual folks who seek to co-opt us: How about you guys do you, and we will do us. We care about human rights for ALL, but if you continue to misrepresent and invalidate transsexualism in an effort to promote your anti-gender binary goals we will defend ourselves by any legal means necessary, and it may not be the outcome you want. We are not your property. Stop treating us like it.

This crazy-making, dishonest and socially engineered “transgender umbrella” that was sneaked into existence does not, never has and never will accurately include women and men born with transsexualism. Our enforced inclusion in this failed experiment is nearing its long awaited finale. So please, let the curtain close gracefully, and stop misgendering and bullying us in retaliation for us rejecting your invitation to participate in this miseducation and harming of our lives.

When a woman says "no", she means "NO"! And when a male or "anti-gender binary agenda" continues to absorb her into his agenda without her consent, well, we all know what that is called: Assault

Spring into Action! The tide of The Transsexual Uprising is shifting! Yes we can! Yes we ARE!


  1. I await developments with interest....
    It has always been the case that many interpret my being 'for me' as meaning 'against them', which of course is nonsense; but I do believe in accuracy, and I get annoyed when someone labels me as something I am not.

    1. Kathryn, your comment is so true! Just because we want to affirm who are, and who we are not, does not mean we are against those who we say we are not. If only they could see that

  2. Great article Ashley - I continue to live in hope!
    The insistance of the 'umbrella' in labeling people by the lowest common demoninator is insulting and inaccurate. It's like insisting that all college graduates only refer to themselves as High School Graduates.

    1. lol Nicki, love the spirit =) But not quite, it's not higher or lower denominators - we aren't even parts of a common spectrum on which there could be highs and lows. There are men, there are 3rd or non gendered people, there are women. And they're not the same. Alliances of course can exist but not at a cost of putting up with a conscious effort to erase our womanhood and blanket thirdgendering - which is the case.

      And thank you Ashley - it is a really great article. The so-called gender outlaws are the worst sort of cissupremacists and bigots actually, as they have constructed everything around 'assigned at birth'. Sorry it is just basic logical/maths set theory: 'FAB community', 'transfeminine spectrum' are just fancy words for the same view on gender Fred Phelps has, except put in new words specifically designed to erase transsexual people.

      Medical profession and science on the other hand are aware 'at birth' has only a vague, statistical significance and does not apply to transsexual and quite a few intersex folks.

      Whichever way - we don't need that. With allies like that - who needs enemies. Love, hugs and full support, Ashley.

    2. Agreed that we are not all part of a contrived socio-political reservation stemmed from transgenderist ideology. We are not legally, socially and definitely not genetically bound to abandon the medical and patient's rights, science or affirming and understanding and doctors who support our transsexual medical condition’s accurate narrative just because a group of individuals say so. We will never tolerate segregation, and the law is on our side on that one! The segregationists/gender queer and cross dressing activists need not to co-opt us anymore, it's unethical and a violation of our rights for them to demand that we misgender ourselves into a third gender "anti-binary" rebellion. We simply are aligned with the binary, like a large percentage of the world. Why would we pretend to be something we are not, or allow our medical condition to be fraudulently politicized for only the benefit of an outsider's conflicting agenda? The ironic thing is that transgender theory opinionists are clever to call us "separatists", when the true, and even legal definition of the word of ‘separatists’ is themselves, for they are the ones who posting an ‘anti-gender binary flag’ in the ground and removing themselves from the gender binary. If that’s their prerogative, we wish them well, but where the heck do they get off thinking it’s okay to enroll us in that gender-deconstructionism culture club as well? We are free to just live our lives as women and men, not check a third box.

  3. This is good news and thank you for posting it. The delusional Umbrella Corporation is finally being exposed for what it is, and it can't come too soon. To you and all the other brave women and men who speak out in defense of the gender binary, and who speak for those like me who just want to live our lives in post-corrected peace without all this transgender nonsense, I offer my sincerest thanks.

  4. While it certainly seems that the pendulum is finally swinging back in our favor, what we have seen occuring across the past twenty or so years of co-opting is just another in the continuing instances of men (predominantly heterosexual at that) trying to control women. And they fail to grasp the reality that women (you know, that group in which we tend to fall within) tend to want little to do with men who seek to control their lives and deny their very existence. Some of those same men fail to even grasp simple nuances of why the War on Women should be perceived as a big deal...they are instead more focused on letting pedophiles have the right to enter a Dallas bathroom. But I digress...

    I have no qualms with the premise that some of those men want to go fap away to their hearts content with popcorn butter or whatever other condiment they had handy. But they have nothing in common with us. But as soon as we point that simple reality out to them, they try to trot out the tired trope of 'we are all oppressed and marginalized blah blah blah.' Well, so are a host of other groups...but it doesn't mean I want to ally myself with them either. More voices does NOT mean BETTER voices on those issues that directly affect MY life. If there were an issue that I felt needed legislative attention, I would much rather ensure that a coherent voice was offered up by people who might just actually represent MY interests. Umbrella Inc will never grasp the fact that THEIR desires are not MY interests...

    1. Thank you for writing the following, I couldn't agree with you more:

      "While it certainly seems that the pendulum is finally swinging back in our favor, what we have seen occuring across the past twenty or so years of co-opting is just another in the continuing instances of men (predominantly heterosexual at that) trying to control women. And they fail to grasp the reality that women (you know, that group in which we tend to fall within) tend to want little to do with men who seek to control their lives and deny their very existence"

  5. It's a small point but I believe that 2011 (not 2012) was the "The Year of The Divine Feminine". Or at least that's the assertion over at "Shift Your Life". Other sources such as "Astrology with Govinda" define this as a period from June 8th 2004 to June 6th 2012 - based on Venus eclipsing the Sun.

    Exactly where this came from is open to debate and really, as an ordained Gallae of the Maetreum of Cybele, I consider every year to be of the Divine Feminine. But it raises the issue of who or how these things are "decided", or at the very least how they start and spread.

    As regards the rest of the post it's clear that there is a backlash to the appropriation of identity by those who it seems wish to do good, but really don't get the issues anyway. Apparently the latest alphabets soup is "QUILTBAG" (look it up) but I can't see it catching on.

  6. I have completed my medical transition. This means that my brain, mind and body are in accord.

    I am NO LONGER "transgender".

  7. I'm glad to have found this page. I am simply a woman, and I've always been repulsed by any attempt to push this third gender stuff on us. Thank you for defending the gender binary.