Monday, June 2, 2014

#RuPaulNewRaymond - Is RuPaul the New Janice Raymond?: The Numerous Similarities between the King of Pro-Slur Promoters and the Exterminator of Medicare Supported Healthcare for Women Born With Transsexualism Are Too Alarming To Ignore


(Originally written and posted on my Facebook page on May 30, 2014)

Is RuPaul the New Janice Raymond?


Today's Medicare victory affirms the women and men born with transsexualism who seek needed healthcare and alignment in their lives, and overrules the pro-misgendering and discriminatory campaign launched by openly lesbian Janice Raymond.

Raymond obsessively led the propaganda fueled misinformation war on girls and women born with transsexualism aimed at misgendering us, exterminating our medically necessary treatment and ultimately engineering sociocide against our already established community.

Now RuPaul and his primarily gay male followers have similarly pushed away compassion and support of my sisters to instead ride the sexist tidal wave of dispensing extremely anti-transsexual slurs and saying transphobic comments on platforms which influence millions of people to condone the 'othering' and stigmatizing of an already oppressed minority.

Raymond and RuPaul have little in common in terms of personality, background or fashion style, but they do have one dangerous thing in common: Both are openly gay individuals who tricked others into thinking they were credible authority figures to comment on issues that specifically effect females with transsexual history and then misused their position to wage harm on our lives.

Both publically have been documented in wide reaching media outlets as referring to our women as "men in dresses".

Both publically ridiculed and invalidated the need for the transsexual community's transition-related healthcare.

Both loved anti-trans slurs.

Both have been promoted on non-trans media outlets as "experts” instead of the uncompassionate and phobia-mongering brutes that they truly are.

Obviously Raymond's crimes cost lives, but it could also be measured that inciting phobia and dehumanizing an already oppressed minority group has grave consequences if done on a massive scale, such as media defamation.

So while we celebrate today's victory against the closure of Raymond's concentration camp, let's learn from the past and strategize on how to counteract the forces who want to normalize dehumanizing and misgendering defamation in the media.



  1. RuPaul has committed the worst of the worst disparagement: commandeered a world-reaching audiovisual megaphone, tossed an LGBT hat on his head, attached a female label on his female uniform, and assigned himself as authority over trans female issues, all while retaining a male identity.

    He has crowned himself as deity and stamped himself "gender expert", dusted off the "Transphobia book for dummies" and employed what can only be described as a WMD (Weapon of Mass Disparagement). In so doing, he has taken on the role of hit man, doing yeoman's work for all opposed to Trans Advancement, ironically from a man who has benefited from racial advancement. He is the new face of TERMs, Trans Exclusive Radical Males who wish to relegate transfemales back to a past of scarlet-lettered male/female hybrids, worthy of neither civil rights nor equality.

    Dehumanization has taken on a black face, with a smile, using the LGBT acronym to deceive and as cover and concealment while using psychological torment as a weapon against Trans Americans. This life-impacting behavior is not comedy or material for a show, and must be held accountable.

  2. Many transsexuals there is no love between the LGB+ T and Transsexuals, gay males want to throw us under teh bus, lesbian females do...This contempt I think is because we make them look freakish in a sexual fetish way, and the concept of us being normal and them feeling abnormal drives them crazy...

    I am a transsexual woman, a post op, and I was not normal, I had a really terrible birth defect, but we can correct that, there is nothing to correct with LGBs, and that causes the attacks...Ru Paul is like the grand poobaa of NAMBLA in this world...