Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Blind "Anti-bullying" Advocates Apologizing For Anti-Transsexual Slurs Is Such A Drag…A Brutal…Ongoing…Drag

Sick of blind "anti-bullying" advocates apologizing for Drag Race being such a drag... a brutal... ongoing drag!

History Repeats: The same way a disappointedly large percentage of the gay male community is responding to the women in my community expressing how hurling out anti-trans slurs and systematic misgendering effects them spiritually, emotionally and sometimes physically is amazingly similar to how men in America treated women suffragettes who lobbied to vote. Little boys need to stop these toddler tantrums, calm down, be gentle and listen to people's feelings. You're better than this so affirm your community's rainbow logo and genuinely celebrate and respect ALL the colors of the rainbow, not only a classist and sexist few.

The LGB media has committed non-journalism by not enforcing a balanced presentation of all sides, such as primarily only allowing gay male and drag queen opinions and writers to influence this story. Our voices become censored because LGBT media is really G media, once you take off the wig the truth remains.

Many token trans toms (selected by LGB media heads) who do find themselves all of a sudden joining the transsexual community's cause subtly or even blatantly apologize for their gay male benefactors slighting us and/or misrepresent the origins of this plight by censoring the feminist element out of the coverage almost entirely. Having our LGB handlers at GLAAD transparently select and produce trans* reality TV contestants into their mouth pieces may seem to serve us with one hand yet cleverly (mis)speaks for us with the other. They jump on the bandwagon, soften our grievance's urgent concerns and recite some GLAAD written sound bite that benefits the same establishment that encourages our 2nd class status in this LG"t" coalition. And it is a coalition at best, not one community, but independent and diverse communities, catch it

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  1. This should be our Trans logo, with the words "for Ru Paul" added below excuses, then promote it such that we all replace our faces with this logo, everywhere in social media. Nothing like a stop sign to make a visual impact!