Saturday, December 12, 2015

Empire State Pride Agenda To Close Despite GENDA Bill Not Being Passed To Protect Trans* New Yorkers

BREAKING: wtf? (Though not surprised). LGB New Yorkers get gay marriage perks and now they want to close down ESPA? What about GENDA, the bill to give trans* New Yorkers anti-discrimination rights - it has yet to be passed. Yes, I was there when the Governor said a few words about trans* rights, but he never actually said 'GENDA'. Sigh. And people wonder why non-token trans toms have little to no faith in white Gay, Inc. "handling" our affairs. It's time we as trans* New Yorkers take a stand for ourselves and stop letting LGB Non-Profit Inc manhandle and misrepresent our movement

ESPA's Press Release:

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