Monday, September 22, 2014

#HappyBlackWoman: The New York Times Says, “Shonda Rimes and Ashley Love are ‘Angry’ Black Women Because They Pursue Social Change”

Last week The New York Times called media mogul Shonda Rimes an “angry black woman” and just three weeks ago The NY Times also called me “angry” and “aggressive”, simply because I, as a journalist and advocate, asked a question during a Q&A following Outfest's screening of Transparent (re: ‘trans face’ - where a male actor once again plays a trans* woman character).

 When Black women own their power, are assertive and question the patriarchy they are often called "angry black women", de-feminized (“aggressive”), demeaned and stigmatized (stigmatizing is a new clever form of censorship, as well as vilifying dissent).

Of course, both journalists that mischaracterized both Shonda and I are white women, and of a particular class. A couple of privileged white female journalists that apparently have no clue what Black women in the United States go through (and even more challenging, what Black and Latina trans* women go through) can attempt to vilify us simply for sharing real life experiences, asking tough questions and working to help other women of color, yet we will continue to advocate for change - because our work is not about crafting sensational articles so the NY Times can garner more hits and ad revenue, or writing disingenuous, one-sided PR fluff pieces for an Amazon online TV show, our work is to try to make the world a better place.

I'm happy, I'm free spirited, and I’m inspired, but if calling me an "angry black woman" makes you feel less uncomfortable with the truth I speak, then chances are you may be a "shallow, blind, fearful and classist non-Black woman".   - Jus’ sayin’…

 #UnapologeticBlackQueen #HappyBlackWoman

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