Sunday, February 28, 2010

Transwoman assaultd by police & media refers to her as FTM man

On Thursday morning a transwoman was assaulted by a police officer. However, when I read the article I assumed it was a FTM man who had been assaulted because the media is referring to the victim as a "transgender man", which in our community means a FTM man. I just found out however that the victim is a transgender woman, not man. This is not only inaccurate and confusing, as many people thought it was a FTM man victim, but it is very offensive because I'm sure the journalist knew it was a MTF person, but due to their own prejudice, ignorance and/or transphobia they were provoked to say "man". As journalists, they have a ethic responsibilty to cover things accurately. "Man and woman" are gender terms, and "female and male" are sex terms. Its very important that the community reaches out to these media outlets who are covering this story and ask them to cover the story appropriately.

San Antonio police officer charged with sexually assaulting transgender man
Reported by: Kristina De Leon
Last Update: 2/26 3:24 pm

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San Antonio police officer charged with sexual assault of transgender man

Officer Craig Nash
SAN ANTONIO -- A San Antonio Police officer was arrested and is accused of sexually assaulting a transgender man.

The man claims officer Craig Nash picked him just south of Downtown early Thursday morning, handcuffed him, and told him to lay down in the back seat of a patrol car. He told investigators Nash then drove to a nearby location, un-handcuffed him, and sexually assaulted him.

The alleged victim said after the assault, Nash dropped him off at a nearby school. He then took a bus to a police station to report the assault. According to an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by News 4 WOAI, the alleged victim told officers Nash "wasn't going to get away with this"

Police arrested Nash after the alleged victim identified him in a photo line-up, and police linked his patrol car to the alleged scene using a GPS tracking system.

Nash was charged with sexual assault and official oppression. He has been placed on adminstrative leave pending the outcome of both the criminal and administrative investigations.

Nash has been with the San Antonio Police Department for six and a half years.

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  1. When I originally saw the news account I had to beleive that the victim identifies as male. It's unbelievable in these days people can be so completely ignorant about transgender people. Thanks for sharing Ashley.