Friday, June 18, 2010

Frameline SF LGBT Film Festival Opening Night!

I'm so happy to be in California for a 10 week get away from the craziness and concrete jungle of New York City. First I am in San Fran for 3 weeks to go to Frameline Film Festival, and go to Pride. I'm making my first film! I have 3 LGBT characters in my screenplay, and wanted to be around other LGBT filmmakers. This is my 3rd time attending Frameline, and Opening Night is always so fun!
"> The Opening Night film was "The Secret Diary of Ann Lister", the true story of a lesbian woman in the early 1800's who defied society and did not conceal her sexuality at a time when most lesbian women married men as a means of surival. It was such a well done film, and I really felt the pain and challenges that the multiple women characters went through to be, or viel, who they were in a judgemental and superficial society.
With some friends I met a couple years ago when I was an organizer of the SF Trans March

The opening night gala was at the beautiful Botanical Gardens at Golden Gate Park. I ran into dozens of friends, some from SF, some from LA, and even a few from NY, and abroad. There was yummy food, fruity drinks and groovy music. It was like a family reunion, and was super fun.
With Tiffany Woods (producer of new doco "Trans Francisco"), her wife, and the director of the film and his wife.

with Andrea Krauss of Regent Films

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