Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Human Rights Campaign Dictates Removal of Trans* Coalition Flag, Yet Who The Hell Made Them Our Masters? She Will Fly Without Permission, Man.

How dare the HRC ask the trans* coalition to remove their flag from the Capital! The diverse trans* communities are not property of one issue/one class pushing LGB board members or their staff. We don't need permission to make the point that trans* issues are different than LGB issues and that we are tired of being the last priority, if even a priority at all.
Transsexualism’s distinct narrative is that of a medical condition requiring affirming and sometimes lifesaving healthcare, and is not to be confused with some drag race. The 'Transsexual Spring' will not allow a damn to be constructed in their waters through the disingenuous interests of colonialists. Though, the sad thing is that a certain retained group of token trans toms will aid and abet in this treachery.  
The good news is that truth always wins out, fake media and misinformation campaigns be damned!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Notorious Transphobe/Bi-Phobe/Sexist/Hypocrite Dan Savage Misuses His Media Contacts To Promote Lie That He Speaks For Women Born With Transsexualism

Dan Savage does not speak for women born with transsexualism, just ask any one of them.

So I read today that he recently prevented his gay male drag queen friends of being banned from mocking women on stage, so it's a victory for his brothers. But for him to use this as a spring board to refer to himself as a trans* "ally" is inaccurate and sinister.

He has produced numerous media bombs in the past which unraveled a lot of hard work that went into enrolling public education and understanding of the medical condition known as transsexualism. He promotes misgendering ideologies that conflate our birth challenge with random "hobbies" and sensational stage performance acts, therefore propagating misrepresentation that jeopardizes our life saving medical treatment. He has used anti-trans* slurs and demeaned our humanity, when all we have been asking for is affirmation, recognition and acceptance. 

What gives?

And don't reply by man-ufactoringing a photo with some transparent "transgender" opportunist/apologist who mocks our movement for her own gain. That's not authentic and is weak.

The media once again allows unfair and inaccurate messaging and accounting of facts when they mislead the public by quoting Dan Savage saying he is the founder of an anti-bullying movement which “helps” trans* people. He is most definitely the opposite of help.
(Please Google "Dan Savage glitter bombed transphobia" and a millions things will come up, thank you)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day: Women Born With Transsexualism &/or Intersex Reject Misgendering Ideologies & Promote Only Affirming & Accurate Messaging.

Happy International Women's Day! A lot of great work is happening to ensure women born with transsexualism and/or intersex are recognized and affirmed as WOMEN, and not sub-women, “third genders” or female impersonators, which is contrary in how the national LGBT and transgender-queer groups are misgendering and othering us. We denounce the pro-gender-segregation ideologies and transsexual-phobia that is misrepresenting and harming us. We won't stop advocating for our women’s rights until our medical needs and accurate narratives are protected! Why?:
Because a Rose Is Still A Rose [Not a sub-rose, not a modified rose, not a rose impersonator, not a 2nd class rose, not only a rose on the weekends, not a rose mocker, not acting on some rose fetish, not a plastic rose, not simply "expressing" a few rose characteristics, not condescendingly "identifying" as a rose -- but from the seed, rooted as and blossomed into its natural destiny: A ROSE - inside, and out, from it's origin, always and forever, a rose, period. Please, PLEASE keep your weeds, fake chemicals and pollutants out of the garden, or don't act clueless or attack when the rose uses her protective thorns to sheild herself from entities or non-roses who would do her harm, thank you]See More